The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 57-0908E Hebrews, Chapter Six #2 will be available until Sunday, October 26, 2014

1) Which of the following is NOT a true statement about the Bible?
The Bible has got to say the same thing all the way through
There's only one thing can interpret It, and that's the Holy Spirit
It’s hid from the wise and prudent and revealed to babes
The Bible is a western book
2) Who had eighty-four converts during a revival?
Brother Junior Cash
Brother Branham
Brother Neville
Brother Graham Snelling
3) Brother Branham really got joy out of listening to their preaching and singing.
The Christian radio station
The Neville Quartet
The Pentecostal church
Brother Bosworth
4) What do you do if you want somebody to say nice words about you?
Say some nice words about somebody else
Treat them to supper and dessert
Preach a good sermon in church
Tell them about all the good things you’ve done
5) If Brother Branham couldn’t answer the questions, what was Brother Neville going to do?
Call Brother Bosworth for help
Read the Greek lexicon
Re-preach the Hebrews series so the people understand
Distract the people why Brother Branham looks for the answer
6) What does it mean, the Scriptures are of no private interpretation?
Anyone can interpret them openly
It takes prayer to interpret them
The Scripture must interpret Scripture
Only Jews can interpret them
7) _______ never was a person that liked to stay too long in one place.
Brother Branham
8) "Jesus, by ___ _______, perfected, forever, His Church."
One sacrifice
Total obedience
Divine intervention
Selfless ambition
9) God calls who He will. And it's all by ________.
10) What two words do you have to watch? If you don’t, you’ll get mixed up.
Forever and endless
Eternal and forever
Election and predestination
Zoe and Agapao
11) When God once speaks, It’s forever.
12) If God ever saved a man, he is saved for time and Eternity.
13) After he become an enemy to God, he was still saved?
King Abimelech
14) ______is what God did for me, _______is what I do for God.
Forgiveness / Repentance
Grace / Works
Eternity / Service
Salvation / Obedience
15) A Christian cannot blaspheme the Holy Ghost.
16) Who was Brother Branham praying for in his cave at Green's Mill?
Brother Rowe
Roy Davis
Jimmy Osborne
Brother Wood
17) "But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, and do good to them that hate you, and pray for them that despitefully use you, and persecute you;"
Matthew 5:21
Matthew 6:7
Matthew 7:1
Matthew 5:44
18) You’re still a cocklebur if you _______.
Come to church just because you're afraid of hell
Join church just to be popular
If all you got is these formal things
All of the above
19) _______ companies doubt. _______ companies faith.
Fear / Love
Faith / Doubt
Cowardly / Bravery
Strength / Weakness
20) Mr. Ramsey told everyone that he wasn’t serving the Lord anymore, and wouldn’t listen to the ones who tried to talk to him. He took sick and died. What did this show?
That he never was a saved man
That he sinned away his day of grace
That he had blasphemed
That he was saved man