50-0711 Ministry Explained

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Sunday, July 31, 2016

This was Brother Branham’s first meeting since they had come back from which place?
How long did Brother Branham take fasting and praying before he started in a prayer line?
1 day
2 days
3 days
4 days
Brother Branham said, “This will be my _______ time that I ever had a healing service in a tent. My first revival was in a tent, something about like this, right after my conversion. And I always like to hear that canvas blowing. And it seems like it's something about it, I—I think of when Abraham dwelt in tents with Isaac and Jacob there.”
Brother Branham said, “I was born in a very poor family, raised up irreligious. My people before me, and my grandparents were _______. My father and mother never went to any church at all. We're _______ by descent, and by nationality, rather. And we didn't not go to church.”
Catholic / Irish
Methodist / German
Baptist / Indian
Wonderers / English
At what age did the Angel of the Lord appear to Brother Branham for the first time as a Voice Speaking to him?
Three years old
Five years old
Seven years old
Nine years old
Brother Branham said, “…but for the sake of the Gospel that I represent, I want you to know me as your brother, and not as a _______. That's just a name that newspapers and magazines tacked on. There's no one that's a _______.”
Holy Roller
Divine healer
Even Christ, the Son of God, did not claim to be a Divine healer.
What is the first and fundamental cause of Divine healing?
It’s been vindicated over and over
It’s taught in every church in the nation
Because even the Catholics believe it
Because God said so in His Bible
The Word of God will defeat Satan on almost any grounds, almost any place, almost anywhere, at almost any time.
“First, you believe you've got it, then it'll be given to you. And when you come, make your confession, believe God, believe that He will do it, and He's under _______ to do it.”
Brother Branham said, “Now, remember, the signs does not heal; the signs raise _______ to heal.”
When the Baptist church did not want Brother Branham, who said, “We've been praying for that gift to come to our church.”? And they received him.
The Jesus only people
The Jewish people
The Methodist people
The Full Gospel people
Brother Branham said, “I believe that gifts and callings are without repentance, that you're borned in this world with gifts.” What gift did he use as an example?
Brother Branham tells the testimony of a man who was a “rigger” and was healed at the meetings in Beaumont, TX. What was he healed from?
He was paralyzed from his waist down
He was full of cancer all through his body
His heart was failing and barely beating
He was both deaf and blind
“What is it? That doesn't heal the people, to tell you what's wrong with you. But here's what it does, friends. It brings the _______ of the supernatural God working in our midst. Just exactly.”
“But every great picture, before it can be hung in a hall of fame, it has to go through the hall of _______. And I believe the little Church has went through the hall of critics. And now soon, there'll come a scream from the heavens, and God is going to hang It in the hall of fame, to take It out by the rapture, to take It up into glory.”
Jesus is not going to ask you if you was Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, or Pentecost; He's going to judge you by what you was in your _______.
Brother Branham said, “Now, you don't have to be a Christian to be healed. But you have to be a Christian to _______. For the Bible said, “Go and sin no more, or a worse thing than this will come upon you.””
Be healed again
Stay healed
Give a testimony
Never get sick again
Does Divine healing and salvation last all the time?
It lasts even if you don't believe
It lasts as long as you are faithful to your church
It can only last if you’re re-baptized every time you fail
It lasts just as long as faith lasts
Fill in the blanks: “You _______ you're saved; then you _______ you're saved; then you _______ like you're saved; then you _______ with those that are saved; and it works righteousness.”
Say / Pretend / Act / Dissociate
Believe / Say / Act / Associate
See / Know / Look / Join
Look Like / Act Like / Are / Connect