64-0830M Questions And Answers #3

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Monday, May 21, 2012

Brother Branham said he could set down and cry to go somewhere home. "I ain't got no home to go. Everywhere I go, I can't stay there a few days; I'm ready to go somewhere else. I just--I been that way; I--I was born that way." What did Sister Meda call him because of this?
Restless Winds
Shifting Sands
Free Spirit
Rolling Stone
This world is how many miles around?
_____ voted for you, _____ voted against you. Now, which way you cast your vote is where you're coming out.
The devil, everyone else
The devil, God
You family, your friends
God, the devil
When you're so in love with Christ and believe every Word that He says to be the truth, that's one of the best signs that you're __________.
On the right track
Filled with the Spirit
On the wrong track
Able to start speaking in tongues
It's satan's duty to stand there and pound at you.
The Bible said that they that had the Holy Ghost sighed and cried day and night for the abominations done in the city. Where is this found?
Isaiah 3
Matthew 12
Ezekiel 9
Jeremiah 7
Christianity is what you say; not what you live, or what you do.
Jesus never right straight out created anything and brought it into existence. He took a _______ first.
If you take a board and lay it down on the grass in the dark of the moon, what will happen?
It won't hurt the grass a bit
That grass will die
That grass will turn a darker shade of green
That grass will grow twice as much as the rest of the grass
What happened when the little woman's alcoholic husband came home with some other men and acted really drunk? They were trying to prove whether she was a Christian or not.
She gave up on her husband for good
She gave up being a Christian and became a drunk as well
She yelled at them and ran them out of her home
She led them all to Christ
Has the Name of the Lord changed in the different dispensations?
Where does marriage belong?
The justice of the peace
Anywhere you want
In the house of God
By a magistrate
Brother Branham wished his daughters didn't even put _______ on their hair at all.
What do Zechariah 4 and Revelations 11 both speak of?
The wheel in the middle of the wheel
The seventh church age messenger
The two olive trees
Palm leaves
As long as you're in _____, you are in _____.
Church, fellowship
Christ, the Bible
Church, Christ
Fellowship, Christ
When will the church who died during the tribulation period resurrect?
They won't
In the first resurrection
During the Millennium
In the second resurrection
What did Brother Branham call the nurse that took care of him when he had an operation after he was shot?
Sweet Pickles
Sugar Plum
Sweet Tater
Honey Bear
Before receiving the Holy Ghost, you are only ___________ converted.
Beginning to be
_______ was the seventh from Adam.
Where was Brother Branham when he saw the eagle that had been forced down from the storm?
Corral Peaks
Sheep Mountain
Sunset Mountain
Sabino Canyon