58-1012 The Sudden, Secret Going Away Of The Church

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Wednesday, June 30, 2021

"For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with _______: and the dead in Christ shall rise first".
A shout
The voice of the archangel
The trump of God
All of above
Brother Branham said, "I would rather be a _______ man, ready with the Lord, than to be a _______ man, not ready to go with the Lord".
Rich / Poor
Sick / Well
Humble / Famous
Despised / Respected
The world thinks today that the Lord's coming will be well announced. Brother Branham said, "...it is announced, but it’s a _______ announcing. It’s just those who are willing to _______ it. Those who are willing to consider it and to…who loves the Lord".
Small / Accept
Mysterious / See
Secret / Hear
Broadcasted / Catch
The enemy always uses the tactics that the Lord uses.
How quick will the Rapture of the Church take place?
As fast as a thought goes through your mind
As fast as an eagle takes flight
As quick as a flash of light
In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye
If you won’t heed to warning, what is the only thing left?
Out of the two hundred thousand pulpits in America, of Protestant churches, what did Brother Branham say we need today in those pulpits?
More Bible teaching
Prophets of the Lord
Educated preachers
More sincerity
Christ is the only remedy for what?
For sin
For a nation
For a church
All of the above
"I don’t care how rotten the world is, how rotten our country is, our nation is, our people; our _______ changes things".
"And not depending on the preacher, but you, as _______ before God, make yourself ready for the Coming of the Lord, to escape all this corruption".
A group
A church
A Christian
An individual
Speaking of the Bride of Christ, where does the Bible say that, "She has made Herself ready"?
Ephesians 3:20
Revelations 19:7
Colossians 2:3
Revelations 17:9
In the story Brother Branham tells about a man named John, what made him decide to surrender his life to the Lord Jesus?
A sermon that the pastor preached that anchored in his soul
A special song the choir sang that touched his heart
The love and sincerity of all the Christians at the church
A man that lived such a life till he wanted the Christ that he served
"How do you tally-up with God, what God says for you to be, a _______ that sets on a hill? No one can pass that way, well, around your way, without knowing about Jesus".
Loving saint
Shining Light
Church member
Renowned person
"We must be ready, and we must do it _______. It is no time to wait. We must redeem the time and be ready”.
As we see others doing it
All of the above
The Coming of the Lord will not be just at any certain corner, but will be universal.
"When you feel your love dying away, your sincerity to Christ and to the—the Cause, _______ to Him Who has the fountain of Oil, and _______ for yourself a filling of the Holy Spirit".
Ask / Take
Pray / Accept
Kneel / Ask
Quickly go / Buy
"One of my calls to God, was setting on a pair of old _______, with a _______ laying on the saddle and a _______ on my side; when I heard them trees blowing, sound like a Voice said, "Adam, where are you?""
Leather chaps / Calf / Branding iron
Cow-hide / Rope / Revolver
Texas wheel spurs / Rifle / Pistol
Saddle blankets / Bible / Rifle
What does God look at?
Thoughts and attitude
Holy Spirit character
Drive and determination
Sincerity of the people
Would you be willing to take the way with the Lord’s despised few?
Who are blessed and shall inherit the earth?
The rich
The wise
The meek
The prudent