61-1210 Paradox

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Jesus lifted up His hands and laid them upon them, and blessed them, and said "Suffer _______ to come unto Me."
The feeble
The sick
Little children
Who of his relatives did Brother Branham dedicate in this service?
Joseph, his son
Melvin, his nephew
David, his grandson
William Paul Jr, his grandson
What did Brother Branham promise everyone out of town that he would send them, if the Lord put it upon his heart to bring the Christmas message to the church?
The tape
The invitation
The schedule
The book
Jesus went to the wilderness, to fast, before the Holy Ghost had come upon Him.
God's ways are _______. They have to be accepted by _______.
Understandable / Sight
Unexplainable / Faith
Wonderful / Wonders
Difficult / Trials
It is an African snake, which is the most deadly bite of all things there is. There’s nothing as poison as it is.
A mamba
A yellow cobra
A black cobra
A rattlesnake
A _______ in the body is _______ with the Lord.
Trial / Precious
Sickness / A joy
Weakness / Strength
Fast / A feast
What does a paradox mean according to Webster's dictionary?
“Something that’s incredible, but true”
“Something real, but you don't believe it”
“Something imaginary that can't be real”
All of the above
Who is the guard that God put over the sea?
The stars
The moon
God wants to get one group that He can wrap His Spirit into them.
At what age did John go into the wilderness and was alone with God?
Twelve years old
Five years old
Nine years old
Sixteen years old
"Don’t take what _______ says. Take what _______ said."
The Word / Someone else
Someone else / The Word
The Bible / Science
The heathen / The educated
"God made the earth, He made it for a purpose: to take a Church out of it, a Bride. And that’s the _______ in the world."
Desire of every human
Least worry
Most important job
"It’s true that the big church shines and glitters, with polished theology, while the Kingdom glows with _______..."
The old prophets’ visions is still a paradox. It’s untouched.
How did the Gentile's Message start and how will it end?
With signs and miracles
By the preaching of the Gospel
By a visitation of the Pillar of Fire
With the appearing of an archangel
"But when a simple heart will take that Word and sink It into the depths of its being, then that Word produces _______ of that promise."
A small part
The ministry
The living fruits
The live facts
Brother Branham said he longed to see a church where he could walk in the back door, front door, wherever it was, look across an audience and see what?
A perfect church all in order
A people completely healed and well
A church on fire to win souls
Brotherly love among them all
"And I am here to help you. But the only way I’ll ever be able to do it, to restore back what Satan has done to you, is you to _______ me. If you’ll just _______ me, with all your heart, it’ll be done."
What kind of people heard Him gladly?
The common people
The religious people
The sinners
The sick