The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 51-0722A Life Story will be available until Sunday, November 11, 2012

1) Where was Home instituted?
In the garden of Eden
At the day of pentecost
At Calvary
2) Where does Brother Branham read from out of the Scriptures?
I Thessalonians 4:15
Hebrew 13:10
James 5:7
Psalms 138
3) Brother Branham’s grandfather on his mother’s side was a _______.
Indian guide
Railroad worker
School teacher
4) What was Humpy’s real name?
5) Brother Branham wanted his friend’s Boy Scout suite when he was done with it. What was his friend's name and how much of the suite did Brother Branham end up with?
Floyd, a leggin
Boyd, the pants
Lloyd, a leggin
Jimmy, a sleeve
6) When Brother Branham and his soon to be wife would going riding together, what time of night did they have to be in?
7:00 pm
9:00 pm
8:30 pm
9:30 pm
7) Where did Brother Branham get married?
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Louisville, Kentucky
Frankfort, Kentucky
Charlestown, Indiana
8) Who said, "After all, life doesn't consist of how much the world's goods you own, but how contented you are with the portion that's 'lotted to you?"
Mrs. Brumbach
Hope Brumbach
Mr. Brumbach
Brother Branham's mother
9) What was the name of the brother that laid his hand on Brother Branham after speaking in an unknown tongue?
George DeArk
Brother Raugh
Brother Ryan
10) Where was Brother Branham the first time he was acquainted with the denominational Pentecostal people?
11) When Brother Branham got up and spoke at the Pentecostal meeting he got his text from _______.
"Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever"
“The Rich Man Lifted Up His Eyes In Hell And Then He Cried”
"Make The Valley Full Of Ditches"
"David and Goliath"
12) How many months were there between Billy Paul being born and Sharon Rose?
9 months
14 months
11 months
10 months
13) What was Brother Branham doing that caused his boat to be swept out into the Ohio River?
He was looking for his wife
He was crossing the Ohio River
He was rescuing George DeArk
He was saving a mother and her children
14) What happened to Brother Branham while trying to go to Charlestown to look for his wife?
He got marooned for several days
His car broke down
He almost got swept away by the flood waters
He was delayed because he had to work for the public service company
15) Where was his wife when he finally found her?
Charlestown, Indiana
Mill town, Indiana
Louisville, Kentucky
Columbus, Indiana
16) What two things did Sister Hope want Brother Branham to promise her before she passed away?
That he would buy the pistol he wanted and preach at the Baptist church
To stop preaching and to get a different job
That he would preach that same Holy Ghost Gospel, and that he wouldn’t live single
That he would never moved from Jeffersonville, and would get married soon
17) Sister Hope wanted Rayon stockings.
18) Who did Brother Branham see in the dream he had of being out west?
Sharon and his wife Hope
Billy Paul
His dad and brother
19) When Brother Branham saw his wife Hope in Heaven, he told her he had been praying for the sick.
20) What did Sister Hope do for Brother Branham when his chair got taken away?
She had dug up some worms for him to go fishing
She baked him a cherry pie
She bought him another chair
She bought him a rifle