61-0216 The Mark Of The Beast And The Seal Of God #1

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Tuesday, May 7, 2013

At the beginning of the service, Brother Branham comments about seeing testimonies coming in all the time of different ones, and how he met people that was healed back in ______ when he was there.
1946 and 47
1933 and 34
1955 and 56
1941 and 42
If God healed a woman of a tumor because she had faith, and someone else has the same faith to be healed of their tumor, then God has to act the same as He did with the first person.
What is the best thing that a man can have outside of salvation?
A best friend
A good job
A wife
A good church
What is the seal of God?
Being baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ
Refusing to take part in worldly activities
Finding your life long companion
The baptism of the Holy Ghost
ALL the peoples on earth in the last days is either going to be sealed by the seal of God or marked by the mark of the beast.
Where in the Bible does Jesus say that in the last days these two spirits, the ones that was sealed with God, and the ones that would be marked by the beast, the antichrist, would be so close together till it would deceive the very elected if it was possible?
Matthew 24:24
John 14:14
Luke 12:9
Mark 12:12
Every cult and every religion began in _______.
The first mark of the beast was put on _____.
The serpent
Which of these Scriptures tells that Satan transformed himself into an angel of light?
II Corinthians 11:14
Matthew 17:30
Genesis 3:1
Revelation 4:3
What happened to Cain as soon as he was marked?
He was punished by death
He went out from the Presence of God
He had to live in the corner of the Garden of Eden
He repented and the mark was removed
What kind of bird doesn't have to take a bath?
_______ seen positionally from their schooling; they know where they stand, but they haven't got no faith. The _______ got the faith, but don't know who they are.
Baptist, Methodist
Jews, Protestants
Catholics, Protestants
Fundamentalists, Pentecostals
The whole church of the living God is built upon a _______.
Knowledge of the Word
Spiritual revelation of Christ
Sanctified life
Desire to do right
The Holy Spirit only came to seal those who God didn't know.
Brother Branham told us to "Watch that _____ curtain. Keep your eye on that."
Where in the Bible do we read about the prophet seeing four men with slaughtering weapons in their hands?
Obadiah 1
Zechariah 10
Zephaniah 3
Ezekiel 9
When Titus' armies compassed about Jerusalem, the people that had followed Jesus did what He told them and fled to what place?
The hills of Judaea
The city of Egypt
Into the city of Jerusalem & into the house of the Lord
To Kadesh, the city of refuge
The very time that the sleeping virgin went to buy oil, that’s when _______.
The sellers of the oil were closed
The Bridegroom came
The sun came up
She got off the Word
When a woman cuts her hair, she ______.
Dishonors her head
Cuts off her glory
Does an immoral thing
All of the above
Brother Willy D. Upshaw ran for president one time and would’ve had the election if it hadn’t been for what?
His crippled legs and back
His denominational background
His stand against whiskey and the wrong things
His desire to pass a law to outlaw other religions