The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 53-0327 Israel And The Church #3 will be available until Tuesday, September 17, 2013

1) This tape begins with Brother Branham reading out of the Bible in _______.
Numbers 20:7
Exodus 7:20
Genesis 20:2
Romans 9:12
2) God told Moses to _____ the rock, but Moses _____ the rock instead.
Smite / spoke to
Speak to / smote
Tap on / smote
Stand on / sat on
3) "Now, I believe I'm, I like, and have been accused of being, and which I am, a _______; because I believe that all of the old things were a shadow of the things to come."
4) What does the word religion mean?
To teach
5) What was the "same old trouble" that Brother Bosworth told Brother Branham he was having?
"Just so happy, I can't sleep"
"So overjoyed, I just can't contain it"
"Got an old body, but a youthful spirit"
"Stuck on earth, but I'm Heaven bound"
6) "And you believe and accept Jesus as your Saviour, then God gives you the baptism of the Holy Ghost as a confirmation of your _______. You say you believe, and haven't received the Holy Spirit, something wrong with your _______."
7) Moses wanted to see His Glory. And God showed him His Glory, and it was__________.
Performing miracles and Divine healing
Sending judgemnt upon the children of Israel
The resurrection
All of the above
8) In Exodus the 12th chapter, how many days were the Children of Israel to keep up the lamb before the whole assembly of the congregationl killed it in the evening?
Forty days
Seven days
Fourteen days
Four days
9) Which of the following is NOT one of the requirements the lamb had to have that the Children of Israel were to keep up?
Without blemish
A male
Pure white in color
Of the first year
10) When speaking of Jesus, who said "I find no fault in Him?"
The Roman centurion
Pilate’s wife
11) Where were the people to apply the blood of the lamb?
The floor
The doorstep
The post and lintel of the door
All of the above
12) The pass over must be eaten "with your _______ girded, your _______on your feet, and your _______ in your hand."
Hands / towel / drink
Loins / shoes / staff
Necks / shoes / fork
Heads / sandals / Bible
13) According to Ephesians the 6th chapter, what are we to have girded about our loins?
The Truth
The preparation of the gospel of peace
The Spirit
14) What Scripture is Brother Branham quoting here? "The tables are full of vomit, all filthiness and uncleanliness everywhere?"
Ezekiel 32:1
I Samuel 15:4
Matthew 22:9
Isaiah 28:8
15) What is the stream of Marah?
Waters of death
Bitter waters
Sweet waters
Waters of strife
16) What creek did Brother Branham say he was at when him and his brother found an old turtle and tried to make it walk?
Silver Creek
Fourteen Mile Creek
Lancassange Creek
Eagle Creek
17) The manna that fell from heaven in the wilderness was a beautiful type of what?
The Holy Ghost that fell on Pentecost
The angel messengers that God sent to the earth
The nine spiritual gifts that were given to the Church
The Spirit of God descending like a dove on Jesus when He was baptized
18) If the Egyptians could've ever got _____ out of Moses’ hand, Moses would have been powerless.
That rod
That Ten Commandments
That Holy Spirit
That gift of healing
19) What was the compound reason the brazen serpent was lifted up in the wilderness for the children of Israel?
They were hungry, thirsty and needed food and drink
They were murmuring, sinning and were sick and needed healing
They needed courage to fight their enemies
They were seeking an idol to worship in their sin
20) Do you know where Brother Branham is going to start at in the next service?
Moving on up to Jericho
Taking the children of Israel back to Egypt
Following Abraham down to Gerar
Taking the children of Israel up to Kadesh-barnea