62-0422 The Restoration Of The Bride Tree

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Wednesday, June 30, 2021

How many trips had Brother Branham taken around the world, and how many people did he have personal contact with around the world?
One / Over two million people
Six / Thousands and thousands of people
Three / About five hundred thousand people
Seventh / Better than ten million people
Brother Branham talks of the little baby that had died in the morning at nine o’clock, but that night at ten-thirty or eleven o’clock was raised up from the dead. Where did this happen?
What does to restore mean?
"To release"
"To make new"
"To recreate"
"To bring back"
We have the privilege to enforce, upon Satan, the claims that God give us.
Who was the Brother that drove fifteen hundred miles coming to the services, and his car was stolen?
Brother Blair
Brother Evans
Brother Woods
Brother Sothmann
“You don’t have to knuck’ down to the devil. We’ve got a law. That’s the law of the Holy Spirit.” What did Brother Branham say is the only thing we have to do?
Know how to have faith and press on
Know how to have patience and wait
Know how to let go and let God
Know how to cry unto God and believe
What kind of badge do we got to have to enforce God's law?
The badge of "believer"
The badge of "commander"
The badge of "soldier
The badge of "power"
In the Tree that God planted, how many different kinds of fruit was It to bear, and what goes with these fruits of the Spirit?
Seven / Seven churches
Twelve / The patriarchs
Nine / Nine spiritual gifts
Four / The four Gospels
What shakes the Christian, to make him pray more, dig down, get a better hold, so he can stand the storm?
In the Psalm 1 Scripture that Brother Branham quotes, “He shall bring forth His fruit in his season,” what is "his" season?
In the revival season
In the prophet’s season
In the holy season
In the season of the apostles
Which of the following stages of the insect is NOT correct?
The first was a palmerworm, he come along to destroy the fruit
The second was a locust, he eats the leaves
The third was a cankerworm, he cuts off the water supply
The fourth was a caterpiller, he's a destroyer and sucks the life out
"That is, worst stinker I know of, is the devil. So, when I’m bringing this Word out, and somebody says, “Amen,” that’s, _______ And we—we’ll get—we’ll get him treed."
"Sic him, boy!"
"Boo devil!"
"Praise the Lord!"
What are predestinated sons in God supposed to do?
"Work tirelessly"
"Set in Heavenly places"
"Pray without ceasing"
"Seek gifts in the church"
The Bible tell us we should go to the pastor and cry for mercy when we’ve done wrong.
"There is a iron curtain. There is a bamboo curtain. There is a purple curtain. Brother, you, don’t you fear none of the rest of them, but watch that _______."
Iron curtain
Purple curtain
Where does the fruit ripen first?
In the top of the Tree
Down at the bottom of the Tree
Right in the middle of the tree
It all ripens at the same time
"The _______ has been hid in the roots, the Word, hid back here in this Word, for years, and years, and years, and just now begin to be _______."
Secret church / Accepted
Royal Seed / Revealed
Seed of discrepancy / Recognized
Hidden manna / Received
What is the evening Light for?
To create anew
To reproduce
To restore
To destroy
Four messengers of death killed the Tree, four messengers of Life restores the Tree. What was the fourth messenger of Life?
Martin Luther
John Wesley
The Word
"Now with His Word in His predestinated stage as He’s got It now, and we see these Words all being manifested. What is it?"
It's a perfect time for the oncoming judgment to strike the world
It's time for all churches of the world to join together and accept It
It’s a perfect vindication that the Coming of the Lord is at hand
It's proof that the world order of churches has come to an end