The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 65-1031A Leadership will be available until Monday, December 7, 2015

1) The first step that any of us ever made, somebody _____.
Led us
Told us
Taught us
Carried us
2) The rich young ruler had no religious teaching in his home.
3) What was the greatest thing the rich young ruler lost the chance to have?
Healing of his body
More riches
Leadership of the Holy Spirit
More time to live on earth
4) We’re all confronted with this one thing: “What are we going to do about _____?”
Eternal Life
5) What was the beggar’s name that lay at the gate?
6) Which of these were the rich young ruler led by in his life?
Influence of his success
All of the above
7) What did God put in the heart of Pharaoh’s daughter for baby Moses?
All the love a mother could have for a little baby
The will and money to take care of the baby
A softened heart to save the baby from the Nile
The desire to call his name, Moses
8) Why did Moses choose to be a mud dauber instead of being called the king’s son?
To find what the end would be for his people
To rise up an army with his people and destroy Egypt
Because he seen the end time
It was either that or die at the king’s command
9) Hundreds of years later, Moses was seen with who?
Pharaoh’s daughter and his mother
Joshua and Caleb
The children of Israel in the promised land
His great Leader
10) When there is no Egypt, and when there is no treasures, there will still be a Moses. Why?
He was a great man
He chose the right thing to lead him
He was a leader
He was the prophet of the hour