The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 60-1209 The Sardisean Church Age will be available until Sunday, April 7, 2013

1) What did Brother Branham say that the Tabernacle would be having the next afternoon at two o'clock?
A baptismal service
The next church age
A tape service
A testimony meeting
2) Who was the messenger to the Sardisean church age?
Brother Branham
Martin Luther
John Wesley
3) This age was called the "_______ Age"
4) What was the complaint in this age?
Faith without works
Works without faith
Using their own name
Left their first love
5) What is the reward for the little remnant that was left?
A new name
To walk before Him in white raiment, and their names in the Lamb's Book of Life
To have power over all the nations
To drink from the fountain of the River of Life
6) What does Vicarivs Filii Dei mean?
Instead of the Son of God
God on earth
Jurisdiction of hell, heaven, and purgatory
Ruler of the church of God
7) What did it say over behind the pillow in the vision Brother Branham had about a pretty, little ol' kitten?
Catholic Kitten
Denominational Kitty
Methodist Kitty
Pentecostal Kitten
8) Sardis is a _____ church.
Spirit filled
9) What is the time period for this age?
1750 to 1906
1520 to 1750
606 to 1520
312 to 606
10) Sardis means "_______."
The persecuted ones
Rich and have need of nothing
The escaped one
Cast out
11) There's many people that has their names in the Book of Life that's sure going to fail.
12) How many crosses were there?
13) The Spirit that was upon Paul will be a different Spirit sent to the next church age, and different to the next church age, and different on down unto the end of the church ages.
14) The word trinity is found three times in the New Testament.
15) God did not find this age perfect because they were just _______.
Filled with the Holy Ghost
None of these
16) What was the greatest missionary time?
The Lutheran Age
The Wesleyan Church Age
The Ephesian Age
The Laodicean Age
17) When did Martin Luther nail his ninety-fifth thesis on the church door in Wittenberg, Germany?
April 6th, 1590 A.D.
September 24th, 1650 A.D.
October 31st, 1570 A.D.
March 21st, 1525 A.D.
18) Which of the following did the Lutheran revival bring forth?
A free Bible to the people again
The correct form of baptism
The teaching of the full Gospel with signs following the believer
The teaching that there is no eternal hell
19) They turned from the _____, but they did not turn to the risen _____.
Christ, prophet
Prophet, Christ
Idols, Christ
Priest, church
20) The word reformed means "to be born again."