64-0705 The Masterpiece

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Friday, October 22, 2010

"He is despised and rejected of man; a man of _____, acquainted with _____:"
Sorrow, grief
Grief, sorrow
Sickness, sinners
Meekness, grief
Who was the great artist that made the sculpture of Moses?
Leonardo Da Vinci
Why was the sculptor so inspired when he finished his masterpiece of Moses?
Because it looked so real
Because it spoke to him
The vision of his mind was standing before him in reality
The sculpture was far greater then he could ever have imagined
What did the sculptor do when he was so inspired looking at the masterpiece he had created?
He cried out "Live" and smote it on the head
He marveled at it for days
He invited artist from all over to view it
It was an He struck it across the right knee and cried out, "Speak"
What did Brother Branham say made the sculpture a masterpiece?
It looked so much like Moses
The amount of time that the artist had invested in it
The stroke from the artist striking the knee
It was an antique
What did the great Sculptor, the Almighty, Who before there was a world, and before the foundations was laid, have in His mind what He wanted to make?
A people in His own image
A church in His own image
A world and all creation
A man in His own image
When God created man, he was _______.
A perfection
A reflection of his Creator
A masterpiece
All the above
What did God do after He created His first man?
He struck a blow over his left side, and took out a piece and made a helpmate
He formed Eve from the ground for Adam's helpmate
He took out a piece from his right side and made a helpmate
He smote him so he would speak
After the fall of God's masterpiece in the Garden of Eden, God started to build His masterpiece again. He put it on a foundation of the patriarchs. Which of the answers below is NOT one of the foundations Brother Branham listed?
The foundation of faith - Abraham
The foundation of love - Isaac
The foundation of mercy - Noah
The foundation of grace - Jacob
What was the bodywork of this great masterpiece He was building?
The patriarchs
The children of Israel
The prophets
When God perfected His Masterpiece, Jesus Christ, what did He do?
He stepped into It
He rested
He made Jesus a lesser God
He tore It down and started over
Brother Branham speaks of Jesus on Mount Transfiguration, and of a Voice coming down from the cloud that said, "This is My beloved Son; hear ye Him." Where can you find this in the Bible?
Luke 17:30
Mark 9:7
Matthew 3:16
John 7:9
Why did Joseph's brothers hate him?
Their father loved him more than all the others
Because he was the Word
Their father gave him a coat of many colors
They knew he was coming into power
Which of the following was NOT a similarity that Joseph of the Old Testament and Jesus shared?
They both met two prisoners of which one was lost and one saved
They were both loved of their father and hated of their brethren
They were sold for almost the same amount of money
They were both killed by capital punishment
Esteem means to "look at."
Christ fulfilled the _______, and now His Bride will fulfill everything in the _______.
New Testament, Old Testament
Old Testament, New Testament
Past, present
Spirit, Body
Where did short hair first begin?
The United States
"Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone:"
St. John 12:24
Psalms 1:3
Habakkuk 2:4
St. Mark 9:24
It's just exactly like the seed, but it's the _____.
Brother Branham had a vision two days before this message was preached. What was the vision?
The end of the world
The Bride and the Groom walking together
The Bride and the churches of the world
The World Council Of Churches and its end