63-1127 The World Is Again Falling Apart

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Saturday, November 7, 2009

Brother Branham said in this message, "And if I ever preached anything that was inspired, in my life, it's ________."
The Token
The Seven Seals
The Church Ages
The Godhead Explained
What books in the Bible did Brother Branham read from before announcing his subject?
Deuteronomy and Hebrews
Hebrews and Jeremiah
Revelation and Timothy
Isaiah and Deuteronomy
The 25th day of December is the birthday of Christ.
The 25th day of December was changed to the Son of God's birthday instead of the _______ birthday.
Moon god's
Goddess Diana's
Sun god's
Jesus came forth in the _______.
Why did they crucify the very One they were praying to come on the earth, to save them, to get them out of the chaos?
Because He tried to join their churches
He answered their prayers in a way they didn't expect it to be answered.
He tried to start His own organization
He wouldn't accept the position of high priest in the temple
In each age, when the people get in trouble and God answers them, what does God send them?
A paradox
A great general to led them
A pastor
An anointed one
When the Word was made flesh, where did the Word come to the prophet?
In the water
In the sky
In the church
In the night
Why did Jesus have to be baptized?
Because He was God
He was the Sacrifice, and the sacrifice must be washed before presented for sacrifice
He was born in sin and needed to be washed clean
For an example to us
Which one of the following was NOT used as an example of a time when the world fell apart?
Lot in Sodom
Moses in Egypt
The days of Noah
Jonah in Nineveh
What type of messiah was the Jewish religious world looking for?
A general
A baby
A priest
A rich young ruler
What happens the same hour that the sleeping virgin comes to buy Oil?
It's the same hour that the wise virgins go to buy oil
The world is totally destroyed
It's the same hour that the Bridegroom comes
The death angel comes
After the prophet John baptized Jesus, He said, "I must increase, and He must decrease."
What is the reason the world is falling apart today?
We've got away from the real principles of God
The church never took God's system, it made a system of its own
The very Word that bound it together has been rejected
All of the above
_______ is one of the things that holds our nation together. It's the backbone.
The world has met its doom every _______ years
Two thousand
Four thousand
One hundred
Six thousand
"We receive a _______ that cannot be moved"
What is the mark of the beast?
Those who are marked for not following the Catholic church
The government
A red dot on your forehead
The denominational system
Where is the Kingdom of God?
In the sky
Another dimension
Within you
All around you
There is nothing that can be annihilated by man.