61-0827 The Message Of Grace

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What was Brother Branham's subject going to be before the Lord changed it for him just before coming to the meeting?
The Wheel in the Middle of The Wheel
The Winds In The Whirlwind
As I Thought on My Way
The Testimony Of A True Witness
Brother Branham said, "That if my pen should be a _______ tool and my paper would be _______, and these Words that I say now, should be engraved upon this that It might go to all peoples."
Writer’s / Stone
Carver’s / Wood
Artist’s / Canvas
Sculptor’s / Flint
What does Brother Branham say hunting means?
To get alone to yourself, to pray
To get away from people, and meditate
The act of taking so others might live
The sport of killing a lesser creature
What is Brother Branham talking about here? "But I got within a few yards of it and I seen the color of it, misting like a fog moving around. I stood still for a few moments. It was coming right out of the top of the little mountain. And I watched, as the three (one to the right, one to the left, and one in the center) running down into one bowl like. Ever what it was, was alive, It was moving and making Its motions. And I stood there just as it was graying, dawn."
The Pillar of Fire
The rising sun
A volcano
A Rainbow
What did the Lord tell Brother Branham after he screamed out, "O God, what would You have Your servant know?"
“Turn westward towards Phoenix, there you must speak this Message before my lambs”
“Jesus of the New Testament is Jehovah of the Old, He only changed His mask from Spirit to Man”
“Return home, there will be a greater work waiting for you there”
“Just as the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are three, your ministry has began its third stage”
Where did Brother Branham read from for the Message that morning?
Zechariah the 4th chapter
Hosea the 2nd chapter
Isaiah the 5th chapter
John the 3rd chapter
“Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This is the word of the Lord unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by _______, nor by _______, but by my _______, saith the Lord of hosts.”
Might / Spirit / power
Spirit / might / power
Might / power / Spirit
Power / might / Spirit
Who was the great prince who rebuilt the house of the Lord and laid the foundation stone?
God said Zerubbabel would also bring forth the _______.
Foundation stone
“And I want you to notice that, when the Headstone comes, the prince that’s going to cry out the Message will cry “_______ _______””
“Pardon! Pardon!”
“Forgiveness! Forgiveness!”
“Grace! Grace!”
“Mercy! Mercy!”
The Message of grace has been tramped under the feet of men until it’s become _______.
Amazing grace
A disgrace
A footstool
“_______ is what God does for you. _______ is what you do for God, to show appreciation of what God did for you. But by grace are you saved!”
Mercy / Actions
Works / Grace
Actions / Mercy
Grace / Works
“Takes a _______ heart dedicated to God, to bring Jesus Christ unto present tense.”
Grace is young. Grace is as young as Christ is.
Where will the last judgment seat be?
Back in the Garden of Eden
Upon the earth, at the end time, the White Throne
In the lake of fire, with the devil and his angels
Right before the end time, in the heavens
You've got to fear God.
How do we test God's patience?
Today we’re up, tomorrow we’re down
One day we believe, the next day we’re wondering
Today we believe in Divine healing, tomorrow the tummy ache comes and we don’t know whether we believe it or not.
All of the above
What old bald headed prophet stomped out of the wilderness and called out David’s wrong?
Brother Branham said we can't see one without the other one, they're twin sisters. What was he speaking of?
Faith and Hope
Love and Grace
Faith and Grace
Mercy and Love
You can’t buy or sell grace, but you can bargain with God for it.