The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 61-0319 Jezebel Religion will be available until Friday, September 21, 2012

1) Who did Brother Branham compare Brother Sullivan to?
Banks Wood
Reverend Jack Walker
Brother Fuller
E. Howard Cadle
2) What kind of pie does Sister Branham like?
3) If Brother Branham saw one of his kids start towards a bowling alley, what did he say he'd do?
Run him out of the country
Join him
Give them a little protaplasma stimulation when they need it
Tell them that it's ok and a good sport to play
4) Where did Brother Branham read from for his text?
Romans 8
I Kings 17
Genesis 5
II Peter 1
5) Why did Elijah say, "Till I call for it. According to my word"?
Because he was afraid to stand before the king
He had the Word of the Lord
He was soon to be king and was showing his power
Because he didn't want to take God's Word
6) What two nations was Brother Branham speaking of when he said, "They parallel, one to the other, perfectly."?
Israel and Palistine
Russia and the Roman empire
America and Israel
America and Europe
7) All the other beasts, they come up out of the _____, thickness and multitudes of people. But when the United States come up, "It come up out of the _____ where there was no people."
Water / earth
Earth / water
Heaven / hell
Iron / clay
8) This country came up like a _____, but after while, it spoke like the _____.
Lion / lamb
Calf / lion
Lamb / dragon
Eagle / beast
9) What percentage of the American army had shoes to wear when they crossed the Delaware at Valley Forge?
Hardly any at all
Only ten percent of them
A little over fifty percent
Only about twenty percent of them
10) What sign was posted by the catacomb of St. Angelo?
"Please be quiet"
"Please take off your hats and shoes"
"To the American women: Please put on clothes and honor the dead"
"Americans! No pets allowed!"
11) What was Israel, the nation, built upon during Ahab's reign?
A prophet of God
A backslidden Israelite with a pagan wife behind him
Blood of the Israelites
The Word of God
12) Jezebel called herself a prophetess.
13) Which of the answers below is NOT one of the things that Elijah is to be like when he comes in the end time?
He'll hate bad women
He'll be a wilderness-lover
He'll join up with the organizations
He'll turn the children's hearts back to the faith of the Pentecostal fathers
14) What happens when God sends forth a message and tells the people, and they don't receive it?
He withdraws His servant
He sends plagues
Spiritual and physical death
All of the above
15) What model was Brother Branham's hunting rifle?
Model 721 Remington
Model 170 Savage
Ruger 10-22 Model
300 Winchester Mag
16) How many people raised their hand for Brother Branham to pray for them?
17) What did Brother Branham say when even the three that raised their hands were without conviction to rise to their feet to accept the very thing they said they did?
O God, have I failed?
Why won't you stand?
Have mercy on their lost souls, Oh Lord
Bring them to me
18) In the prayer line, Brother Branham says "This woman here's a good type of a real American." What was the woman's little boy wearing?
A pair of those knicker-bocker pants, bloused at the knees
A white shirt with suspenders holding up his seersucker trousers
Little overalls and a striped jacket
A Boy Scout suit
19) Brother Branham liked to tore the tires off the car to get to this man.
A dying colored boy
Brother Kidd
Billy Paul
Brother Neville
20) Any man that's called to preach the Gospel is called to heal the sick.