The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 53-0329 Israel And The Church #5 will be available until Tuesday, October 1, 2013

1) What holiday was coming up when this sermon was preached?
Labor Day
2) Brother Branham tells the congregation about a meeting where he did not leave the platform for eight days and nights, a brother from the congregation comments on this meeting as well. Where was the meeting they were talking about?
Jonesboro, Arkansas
Jeffersonville, Indiana
Beaumont, Texas
Oakland, California
3) You've got to find the _____ before you can find the _____, always.
Cure, Problem
Cure, sickness
Medicine, cure
Cause, cure
4) How many people were to attend the meeting that the Angel showed Brother Branham where he saw oceans of people, and they were Indians wrapped in Indian garb?
5) Brother Branham said forty percent of India has turned to _______.
6) The Indians, like the natives of Africa, have to see _______.
The power of God in demonstration
The power of God in distribution of charity
The power of God in distribution of tracks and Bibles
A sweeping campaign of a denomination
7) At the end of the vision, Brother Branham saw his Bible coming to him, and It turned to _______.
I Timothy 4
Joshua 1
Psalms 1
Amos 3
8) Where in the Bible did God judge the serpent?
Genesis 4:10
Genesis 5:12
Genesis 6:3
Genesis 3:14
9) "Moses was a type of the _______, which, he was the law. And Moses glorified himself before the people in the stead of glorifying God. And God turned from him."
Church organization
Future Jews
10) What did Brother Branham compare the churches of the Methodists, the Baptists, the Presbyterian and the Pentecost to?
The old trees with the bark burnt off that squeak and squawk when the wind blows
The young trees that were coming up
The weeds on the forest floor
The trees that have been blown over by a storm and rotted out
11) What did God use to talk to Balaam?
A bird
A tree
A mule
A snake
12) What part of Israel did Balak show Balaam?
The best part
The worst part
The west side
The east side
13) Balaam cursed the children of Israel many times.
14) Joshua and Caleb were the only two that started back at the beginning and went over.
15) "And every time that _______ would move, they'd move with It. It stayed over the tents. And if it was ten o'clock at night, two o'clock in the afternoon, there was a thousand trumpets blasted at once; every Israelite took down his tent, pulled up his stakes, and wound up everything, and they followed the _______."
Ark of the Covenant
Pillar of Fire
Five Point Star Of David
16) ______ was the name of the woman that was saved, along with her household, because there was a red streak on her door.
17) What did Joshua send over the Jordon first?
The ark of the covenant
The high priest
The people
The spies that didn't believe they could take the land
18) Joshua met Jesus face to face.
19) What did Brother Branham ask the rancher that was showing him all the land he owned?
"How did you get started in your business?"
"Look right up this a-way. How much do you own up That way?"
"Why are you bragging so much?"
"Sell all you have and give it to the poor and come follow me."
20) In the story that Brother Branham told about Gypsy Smith receiving an offering, what was the greatest gift he had gotten out of all of the offering?
A picture that a little boy had drawn of Jesus
A lollipop from a little girl
A little girl's life saving of fifty cents
A jar of jelly from an old woman