64-0411 Spiritual Amnesia

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Fill in the blank to the Scripture reading in Amos the 3rd chapter: "Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the _______."
Prosperity is always a sign of a spiritual blessings.
Brother Branham speaks of the prophet Amos and says, “He had never been in such a city. But, he had the Word of the Lord, he was coming to this great city where sin was _______. The ministers had all got away from the Word of God, and they hadn’t had a prophet in long years.”
Heaped on every side
Rampant on every street
Displayed in the church pews
Accepted by the people
“And I wonder, if we could _______ Amos, today, down to our time, I wonder if he would be welcome in our city today. I wonder if we would _______ him, or would we do just like they did.”
Project / Welcome
Portray / Prefer
Transport / Receive
Invite / Respect
Brother Branham gives a description of amnesia. Choose the best answer from the list below.
A place where you cannot identify yourself
It don’t happen too often, but the causes is from shock
It’s somebody that don’t even know who they are
All of the above
What is another thing that Brother Branham says causes amnesia among the people?
Seeking advice from others
Studying the Bible
Getting between two opinions
Listening to your parents
“We should act like it, dress like it, talk like it, live like it.” What is Brother Branham referring to?
Behaving as proud countrymen
Conducting ourselves as Christians
Being virtuous church members
Carrying ourselves as upstanding citizens
“They could not identify themselves with the _______ things, anymore, because they didn’t want it. The Word, the Gospel, they didn’t want It. Sin disease had afflicted them, and they loved that.”
Brother Branham said, “If a prophet rose on the scene in them days and give a spiritual sign, a spiritual voice, and gave the voice of God behind it, they’d only _______.”
Reject it and ridicule it
Scoff at it and mock it
Excuse it and say it's false
Laugh at It and make fun of It
“And Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And your _______ towards That identifies whether you have spiritual amnesia, or not. That’s right.”
When Brother Branham speaks of being identified as a real American citizen, which two figures does he mention?
George Washington / Stonewall Jackson
Abraham Lincoln / Daniel Boone
Thomas Jefferson / Patrick Henry
Theodore Roosevelt / Davey Crocket
“We were identified in the _______ with God, ten million years before the world was ever formed. I was back there with Him. If I got Eternal Life, I was there with Him.”
Everlasting foundation
Immortal realms
Heavenly kingdom
Celestial dimension
Every Christian must die with Him at Calvary. If you don’t die with Him at Calvary, you can’t be none of His.
In the Scripture reading, "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel; these signs shall follow them that believe," what did Brother Branham say this was to the Church?
That was her apostleship
That was her commission
That was her first commandment
That was her education
What does Brother Branham tell us it takes to keep the bugs of unbelief off of a real genuine-Spirited man?
Go to church every Sunday
Be kind towards others
Time and dedication
Power within himself
A pedigreed Christian knows where he comes from, because he is identified with the Methodist, the Baptist and everything else.
What happened when the church got rich?
Their cities built up
Their preachers let down the bar
They denounced the prophets
All of the above
“Well, that’s just where the church has got. It’s supposed to be the _______ of Jesus Christ. But it’s forgot that, because it’s got, _______ into it, creeds and denominations, that they’ve accepted that instead of the Word.”
Embodiment / Poisoned
Representation / Injected
Character / Infected
Example / Diseased
What does the word "religion" mean?
A covering
An absolute
A church
A creed
What is the one thing Brother Branham tells us that Christ has to do in order to be Christ, be God?
Announce His return
Keep you wealthy and happy
Answer your request
Keep His Word