56-0219 Being Led Of The Holy Spirit

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Friday, February 22, 2008

Who's home town did Brother Branham say they were in during this meeting?
Ern Baxter
Oral Roberts
F. F. Bosworth
Billy Graham
Who was the pastor of the church where Brother Branham preached this message?
Gordon Peterson
Oral Roberts
Brother Neville
Jack Moore
In the beginning of the message, what does Brother Branham call his son?
Reverend Billy Paul
Young Doctor Branham
Song leader Billy Paul
Young Minister Billy Paul
What time was it when the light appeared over the bed of Brother Branham when he was born?
4:30 am
6:00 am
5:00 am
7:15 am
What three things did Brother Branham say causes men to fall?
Gambling, drinking, and smoking
Money, popularity, and women
Stealing, lying, and cheating
Power, compromising, and greed
What time of the day did Brother Branham see the vision of the two little, dark looking children pulling a little wagon?
Right after lunch
Before going to bed one night
Around supper time
After waking up one morning
When Brother Branham was taken to a lake in a vision, who was there fishing?
All different races of people
In the last part of the vision, where did the Angel tell Brother Branham He would meet him?
In a little building
In a small tent
In a huge building
In his house
Brother Branham said, "Now, most all seers and poets are considered ______."
Where did Brother Branham read from in the Bible for the reading of the Word?
Isaiah 35:8
Jeremiah 18:4
Romans 8:30
Luke 2:25
What did Paul fear would happen if he came to the people in excellency of words?
That the people would think of Paul and not the Lord Jesus
The people would think he wasn't smart enough to preach the gospel
Only the smart people would listen to him
That the people would think he was a deceiver
When the Angel told Zechariah that his wife would have a baby and he disbelieved the Angel, what happened to him?
He was stricken dumb
He was blinded
He was deafened
He was killed
How long did Elijah wonder out in the wilderness after he called down fire out of heaven and his vision came true?
Twenty days and nights
Forty days and nights
Four days and nights
Twenty four days and nights
How were Mary and Elisabeth related?
Elisabeth was Mary's aunt
They were first cousins
Elisabeth was Mary's sister-in-law
They were second cousins
When the Duchesses met Brother Branham, what did she call him?
Reverend Branham
Sir William Branham
Prophet Branham
Doctor Branham
What happened the first time the name Jesus Christ was spoken through mortal lips?
It caused a blind man to receive his sight
It made the Angels sing
A dead baby came to life in its mother's womb and received the Holy Ghost
The shepherds shouted for joy
How many days after Jesus was born was He taken up to the temple for circumcision?
7 days
4 days
8 days
12 days
When Brother Branham and his wife went riding with Brother and Sister Wood, what kind of animal did they find on the road?
A dog
An opossum
A raccoon
A cat
What did Brother Branham think was wrong with the mother opossum?
He thought she had been shot
He thought she might have rabies
He thought she had been bitten by a rattle snake
He thought she had been beaten
In the prayer line, what was the name of the lady that Brother Branham prayed for who lived in National City, California?
Gertrude Thomas
Kelly Neswick
Mrs. Douglas
Sophia Damsel