53-0607A The Ministry Of Christ

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Tuesday, August 7, 2012

At a meeting in Fort Wayne, what did a man try to correct Brother Branham on one night?
His grammar
His doctrine
The way he dressed
Praying for the sick
When Brother Branham was about nineteen, he told his mother he was going to a Boy Scout Reservation at Green’s Mill to camp. Where did he run off to?
Northern Indiana
What was it that Brother Branham said he doesn't remember? He said, "If you go to telling it to me, why, it seems like I dreamed it."
Bible Scriptures that he referred to while preaching under inspiration
His life as a young boy
People that had been healed from the meetings
Visions he had when he was a child
From what familiar place in the Scriptures did Brother Branham read?
Saint John the 11th chapter
Mark 5:7
Saint John 3:16
The 17th chapter of Luke
In the Scripture reading, Mary rushed out to meet Jesus as soon as she heard that He was coming.
Jesus wasn't very popular in the first year of His ministry, but when He became popular in the second year of His ministry, then they crucified Him.
What occupation did Lazarus have?
Tent maker
What did Martha and Mary do for the temple?
They were foot washers
They made tapestries and needlework
They distributed food to the poor at the temple doors
They sold doves in the temple
Before God sends _____, He sends _____ first.
Mercy, judgment
Help, trouble
Judgment, mercy
Grace, sorrow
When Gabriel the Archangel appeared before Zacharias, where did He stand?
Just behind the altar
On the right hand side of the altar
To the left of the altar
On the altar itself
What is usually the woman's worse day?
_______ had plenty of examples. But _______ had to believe something that had never happened.
Mary, Zacharias
Zacharias, Mary
Mary, Elisabeth
Lazarus, Mary
"Behold the handsmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to Your Word."
How were Mary and Elisabeth related?
They were sisters
Elisabeth was Mary's aunt
They were second cousins
They were first cousins
What happened as soon as that Name of Jesus went forth first through the mortal lips of a being?
Elisabeth fainted and was troubled for many days
Elisabeth went into labor and John the Baptist was born that very moment
That little dead baby in the mother's womb received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, begin to leap and jump for joy
Elisabeth shouted for joy and spoke in an unknown tongue
The shepherd in the old times used to carry a little scrip bag on their side. What did they put in there?
A sling
A knife
What did every priest that come into the priesthood get to have when he was ordained a priest?
A jewel out of the Urim Thummim
A good mouthful of the original manna that fell in the beginning
A piece of the sacrificial lamb that was offered in the temple
A robe and incense burner
What had Brother Branham been eating that was causing him to slobber a whole lot the afternoon of this message?
Some taffy candy
Some nuggets from Father’s scrip bag
Manna from heaven
New grapes from Canaan
Where did Paul get taking handkerchiefs off his body?
Elijah sending his staff to be laid upon a dead child
The woman touching Jesus’ garment and being made whole
The Roman soldiers gambling for Jesus’ robe
The mantle of Elijah falling back upon Elisha
What book and chapter in the Bible did a woman try to use to tell Brother Branham that Jesus was just a man?
Saint John 11
Matthew Chapter 4
II Corinthians 5
Luke the 23rd Chapter