65-1126 Works Is Faith Expressed

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Monday, December 7, 2015

Paul justified Abraham by what _____ saw in Abraham; but James justified Abraham by what _____ saw in Abraham.
James, Paul
God, man
Man, God
The church, God
Which of the following statements is NOT true about faith?
If you ever have faith, it’s give to you by the grace of God
Faith is a revelation
Faith is nothing you did
You worked yourself up into faith
What Scripture was Brother Branham speaking of when he said, “Here we see plainly that God is revealed in Jesus, and only those who were foreordained to see it, will see it.”
Saint Mark 5:35 to 36
Saint John 6:44 to 46
Saint Luke 9:26 to 27
Saint Matthew 24:35 to 37
Just as other seed, the Word of God is a Seed and must have _____.
A good fertilizer
Plenty of time to grow in your heart
The ground prepared beforehand
Thorns and thistles among them
“A virgin shall conceive!” Now, he didn’t worry about saying It, he just said It. Who was Brother Branham talking about?
Nathan the prophet
The prophet Isaiah
The healing power is in you.
Works is _____ testimony.
The soul controls the _____, the spirit controls the _____.
Spirit / Body
Spirit / Soul
Body / Soul
Soul / Spirit
Brother Branham said, “Oh, every time I go to feeling a little “blue,” here’s the chapter I turn to, _____, see.”
Ephesians 6
Hebrews 11
Romans 4
Psalm 1
Your _____ is what God sees in you, your _____ is what the other people see in you.
Works / Faith
Faith / Works
Spirit / Body
Words / Actions