The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 61-0101 Revelation, Chapter Four #2 will be available until Friday, January 21, 2011

1) What did Brother Branham's little girl call the book of Revelation?
The vision book
Saint John's book
The book of Resolutions
2) What story does Brother Branham tell that God did so that you and I might know that God keeps His promise?
Abraham sacrificing his only son
Elijah and the drought
John on the Isle of Patmos
God raising Christ from the dead
3) What did the men in the days of Noah have that allowed them to build the pyramids and the sphinx?
A lot of slaves
Solar power
Atomic power
A prophet that told them the secrets of building
4) Who was boiled in grease for twenty-four hours?
5) Some people are _____ for cigarettes or whiskey, but Brother Branham was a Jesus _____.
6) Jesus is right now on His Throne.
7) And he that sat was to look upon like a ______ and a ______ stone: and there was a rainbow round about the throne, in sight like unto an emerald.
Sardine, jasper
Jasper, sardine
Amber, jasper
Sardine, crystal
8) Who is the Light of the city descending out of heaven from God in Revelations 21:10?
The Church
The Bride
The Throne
The Lamb
9) In which of the Scriptures below do we find that a prophet had a vision that compares with John in Revelation?
Genesis 9:13
Ezekiel 1:26-28
I Peter 5:2
Amos 2:6
10) What is the color of the Light that follows the Lord, and it's as the Lord? It's the same color of the Light that's with us today.
White and green
11) What did the living Creatures that were seen by Ezekiel represent?
The seven Spirits of God
The hundred and forty-four thousand Jews
The Old and New Testaments
The living Church
12) In Genesis 9:13, God made His rainbow covenant with Noah.
13) The Seven Church Ages are represented in the seven colors of the rainbow.
14) What were the four beasts full of eyes before and behind, guarding?
The saints of God
The Bride
The judgment seat
The mercy seat
15) The first Throne was in _______, judgment seat. The second Throne was in _______. The third Throne is in _______.
Eden, Christ, man
Heaven, Christ, Heaven
Heaven, man, Christ
Heaven, Christ, man
16) The nature of the spirit is your _____.
Five senses
Self will
17) Which of the following is NOT true about the twenty-four elders of Revelation four?
They were seated around about the Throne with crowns of gold on their head
They were robed in white which showed they were "priests or judges"
They were Angelic Beings
They were redeemed men
18) In Revelation 21 we find that Jerusalem had twelve foundations and twelve gates. What were the twelve foundations?
Twelve tribes of Israel
Twelve months of the year
Names of the apostles
Twelve cities of refuge
19) Where can you find in the Old Testament that a prophet saw the thrones at the judgment and they were empty?
Ezekiel 1:28
Daniel 7:9
Isaiah 64:3
Exodus 23:13
20) Like God, the Church labors against sin for _______ years, and the _______ the Church rests.
Six, seventh
Six hundred, seventh hundred
Six thousand, seventh thousand
Seven thousand, eighth thousand