The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 52-0713E God Testifying Of His Gifts will be available until Tuesday, June 22, 2010

1) In one day, thirty-thousand people accepted Jesus Christ as personal Saviour in a meeting held in Africa. What did Brother Branham say about this remarkable conversion?
That's ten times bigger than Pentecost
Never was repeated
Never has been done in the history of the world
All of the above
2) What was Brother Branham talking about when he said, "I watch that myself to be sure that it goes absolutely for the Gospel's sake alone, 'cause I'm responsible to the people."
The prayer cards handed out at meetings
The number of books distributed
The little pennies and nickels that they collected
Picking the appropriate location for services
3) When was there a time where Brother Branham didn't have any friends?
When he first spoke of having visions
As a boy
As a young minister of the Gospel
When he first took a stand against women preachers
4) When did Brother Branham say he would be standing in the background, weeping, and sobbing for joy, to know that we've made it?
When we all see Jesus
When we cross over Jordan
At the wedding supper
When the crowns are placed up on our heads
5) Where did Brother Branham believe three hundred thousand people would be for a meeting?
Near Bombay, India
Right in the middle of Madison Square Gardens
Chicago, Illinois
Close to Durban, South Africa
6) Before the meeting, who did Brother Branham tell that the Angel of the Lord was near?
Brother Bosworth
Brother Baxter
Brother Billy Paul
Brother Thoms
7) "By faith Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, by which he obtained witness that he was righteous, God testifying of his gifts:"
Matthew 11:4
Romans 4:11
Hebrews 11:4
Acts 4:11
8) What is directly or indirectly caused from sin?
Trouble with a loved one
All diseases
Not getting something that you prayed about
None of the above
9) You can inherit sin in your parent's life.
10) What happens to little cells when they're bruised?
They mature
They divide
They die
They backslide
11) "You get that backslider in the Church, he's going to - he's going to _______ that whole body, if you don't watch."
12) What causes someone to be deaf?
The devil
An unseen force
A supernatural being setting there that's cut off the energy from that eardrum
All of the above
13) In the way of Divine healing, what moves this unseen force?
Anointing with oil
Laying on of hands
Prayer of faith
14) After about seventy-two hours from the time a person receives their healing, they start getting _______.
Completely well
15) What's the best sign in the world that you're healed?
A sick spell
An appetite
Deliverance from your symptoms
More energy
16) The faith that taken away unbelief, will _______ it again.
17) Brother Branham said he lived a big part of his life in another dimension that the world knew nothing about.
18) Who did Brother Branham wish to come to the platform and testify?
His son, Billy Paul
Anyone who had been healed in the meetings
Congressman Upshaw
His lovely, old Irish mother
19) A person that is a seer of visions _______.
Doesn't go to sleep, he just breaks from one conscious to another.
Must fall into a deep sleep before seeing a vision break forth
Can't dream
None of the above
20) When spirits leave a person, they are absolutely _______, until they're embodied again.