The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 57-0901M Hebrews, Chapter Three will be available until Sunday, October 5, 2014

1) Who did Brother Branham believe would finally turn into the mission fields somewhere, because America doesn't want the Gospel?
Billy Paul
Brother Wood
Brother Zabel
2) Brother Branham said, "Love would be so far away, in the last days; the only love there would be left, would be between the _______ of God's people."
3) What did Brother Branham say we're just beginning to get over into as we're ending up in the 3rd, and beginning in the 4th chapter of the glorious Book of Hebrews?
The milk
The cream
The calf slobber
The meat
4) There's not one cross-up in the entire Bible.
5) "There is something about the... where you go, what church you go to, and what teacher teaches you. Did you know that? It, it's got something to it." Who does Brother Branham use as an example of this?
Cain and Abel
Enoch and Noah
Elijah and Elisha
Moses and Joshua
6) You don't know who that is you're testifying to. You just cast your lot, that's all, give him the Word. _______ takes the choice.
The church
You yourself
7) Later on, when Paul wrote letters, his eyes bothered him so bad from that Light, until he _______.
Wrote with great big letters
Had someone else write for him
Wrote his letters in red ink
Could only write letters in the open sunlight
8) Who was Brother Branham with one day at the river when he kept saying "I can swim."? The man just took the oar and pushed Brother Branham out in about ten-foot of water.
His Daddy
His Uncle Lark
His Brother, Humpy
His Grandpa
9) They had _______ who was setting there, taking It down just as Paul was preaching It. We're getting It by _______, and these _______ go over the world to show that It is the Truth.
Tape recorders / Scribes / Scripts
Scribes / Scholars / Scrolls
Scribes / Tape recorders / Tapes
Writers / Typist / Letters
10) "While it is said, To day if ye will _______, harden not your hearts, as in the provocation."
Obey his commandments
Perform his works
Speak his words
Hear his voice
11) We don't want the rotten things of the world no more. Christ has made us become _______; like civilization has made us become _______.
Clean / Dirty
Christians / Clean
Clean / Clean
Clean / Christians
12) God hates to bring you in trouble. He loves to keep you out of trouble so He don’t have to see what you'll do about it.
13) Some through the water, some through the _______, Some through deep trial, but all through the _______.
Blood / Flood
Mud / Blood
Flood / Blood
Sand / Land
14) When God does anything, He _______ the nation to grab It.
Doesn’t expect
15) What's the matter with these big churches today?
Their unbelief has provoked God
They have become unconcerned for lost souls
They have too many members
They have too much faith
16) The Bible said, "Come out from among them, and be ye _______, saith the Lord, and I will receive you."
17) The _______ is when God shows Himself and you disbelieve It, you won't listen to It.
Attribute of sin
18) Each one of them _______ knowed just what the other one had said, and knowed that their Spirit was the same.
19) It's all a spiritual, revealed Truth laying right there, and it takes a _______ mind to catch It.
20) Where is your real altar?
On your knees at the church altar
Where God has met you
Where you received the Holy Ghost
In Heaven