62-1216 The Falling Apart Of The World

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Sunday, December 23, 2012

What did Brother Branham hear crying in English while he was going down the street in Germany?
A baby
A bird
A man
A dog
Which two places does Brother Branham read in the Bible for his text?
Hebrew 13:8 and Malachi 4:5
Micah 1:2 and Hebrews 12:25
Luke 2:17 and Genesis 13:2
Isaiah 9:6 and Daniel 3:17
When Brother Branham was speaking about the remodeling of the tabernacle, what did he say was to remain the same "because we got a purpose for that, see"?
The pulpit
The baptism
The old walls
The altar
What does the word Christmas mean?
The season of giving
Christ's season
Sun god
Christ's mass
Why was Jesus born in a manger?
Because He was a lamb
Because Joseph and Mary didn’t have any money
To hide Him from Herod
That's where Joseph and Mary lived
Roman pagans worshipped _______, which is the sun-god.
Sometimes we pray for our _______ and not our _______.
Needs, desires
Needs, wants
Desires, needs
Problems, wants
The very request that the denominations and theologians asked before God, God sent It to them, and they accepted It.
What shows that the world in falling apart today, just like it was when Jesus came?
Immorality of the world
National strife
Church corruption
All of the above
The Romans, Greeks and the Jews were all looking for a Messiah, but they got a _______.
Great politician
A Lamb, a Baby
The peace of this world is like what?
A big fluffy pillow
Putrefied sores
A rubber balloon floating in the air
A pot of water boiling over
Who thought that all the churches of the world should come together and be one?
An old lady about eighty-one years old
The World Council Of Churches
The Devil
All of the above
Who did Brother Branham say he had a little something to tell? He had a vision from the Lord for him.
The national leader of the Christian Businessmen
Brother Joseph Boze
Brother Neville
The president of the Sudan Missions
What do these "anointed messiahs" count to if you reject God's Messiah?
The very thing that America run here for, they pulled themselves right back into it again, but that's what they wanted. What did they run here for?
The wicked people of the day, and every day, has always been the _______ people.
The simple minded people
The smart people
The humble lower class
All of the above
Just like the Pharisee tried to make a puppet out of Jesus, and brought Him down there to give some entertainment to prove that He wasn't a Prophet, they'd do the same thing today. Would Jesus still go if He were invited?
What did Jesus offer man?
A political giant
A Kingdom
A church
A creed
Who invited the Lord Jesus to come and have Christmas dinner with him?
The baker
The black smith
The shoe cobbler
The butcher
Brother Branham said that if Jesus were literally standing there the morning he preached this message, he would have changed his text just a little bit.