56-0826 Divine Love

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Thursday, December 31, 2020

How many miles was Brother Branham from the Canadian line when he got the news that his brother was dying. Which brother was it?
One hundred miles / Edward
Ten miles / Doc
Twenty miles / Howard
Just a mile / Melvin
Fill in the blanks to the Scripture Brother Branham quotes before praying for the sick: “Anoint the sick in _______, in the Name of the Lord. Lay _______ on them, and they shall recover.”
Wine / Handkerchiefs
Faith / The Bible
Church / Sackcloth
Oil / Hands
This is the time when you make your decision for Eternity.
Where did Brother Branham read for a portion of Word?
Luke chapter 3
Hebrews the 13th chapter
The 2nd chapter of Acts
Romans the 4th chapter
When Divine love has been projected and comes to its destination, what takes its place?
Perfect faith
Sovereign grace
Boundless hope
Infinite mercy
There are no miniature creators.
What type of an atmosphere should we live in?
In a consoling, soothing, healing atmosphere
With our hearts constantly in prayer
With a deep love for every person we come in contact with
All of the above
How old was the blind Mexican man that received his sight when Bro Branham prayed for him on the platform?
Around 65 or 70
At least 80
No more than 50
Around 60 or 65
“That’s your business. That’s your duty, is to win sinners by _______ them. And _______ them the love of God, through the Word of God, that wins the sinner.”
Praying for / Asking for
Preaching to / Encouraging
Giving to / Expecting from
Talking to / Projecting to
Who did Brother Branham lead to Christ in a dressing room during the Portland, Oregon meetings?
Oral Roberts
T.L. Osborn
Two police officers
A missionary from Europe
Which of the following stories did Brother Branham NOT tell as an example of Divine love projected in his life?
The maniac in Portland, Oregon
The nest of hornets in his back yard
The healing of Georgie Carter
The killer bull in the field
“I tell you, my brother, when God can wrap you in Divine love, there is _______ for you then.”
Joy unspeakable
Peace in the valley
Light in the tunnel
Goodness beyond understanding
What was Brother Branham going to do while waiting for his airplane to depart in Memphis?
Run to the post office to mail some letters
Find a phone to call Sister Meda
Find a cafe to get some breakfast
Search for a church to hold his next meeting
“God, without any _______, He sent His Son to die in your place, and settle the sin question.”
Who got sick in the car while Brother Branham was driving with his family across Nebraska and into the Tetons?
Sister Meda
Sarah and Rebekah
Brother Branham
Billy Paul
What was Aunt Jemima wearing on her head?
A sun hat with a red ribbon tied around it
A purple bandana
A shirt wrapped around and tied in the back
A red baseball cap
“Your _______ are engraved on the palms of My hand. A mother may forget her suckling babe, but never will I forget you.”
Which item was NOT in Aunt Jemima’s home?
A little old poster-iron bed
A “God bless our home” sign on the door
A beautiful chenille rug laying on the floor
A Bible laying on a little old marble-top table
Brother Branham heard a Voice say, “I’ve sent her to you. She has laid like a lady, for twenty-four hours, for her time to be prayed for. And you’ve never said a word to Me about it.” Who was He talking about?
A little grey kitten
A dog with mange
A little red-breasted robin
An old mother opossum
Brother Branham said, “My, brother, sister, there is only got one thing to do in your life, that’s, “Love the Lord your God with all your _______, with all you soul, with all your _______, with all your _______,” and believe every Word He said is the Truth.”
Strength / Might / Heart
Heart / Strength / Mind
Thinking / Works / Mind
Mind / Body / Religion