The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 65-0125 This Day This Scripture Is Fulfilled will be available until Saturday, February 7, 2015

1) Nothing happens to a Christian _____, it’s ordained of God.
By design
By chance
2) What was Brother Branham referring to when he said: “If I went before Jesus comes, lay It on me. Let This go down with me, and I’ll come up with It when we come up.”?
His hat
His old Bible
His favorite suit
His wedding ring
3) What will not put you in the graveyard, but It’ll get you out?
Blessed assurance
Health insurance
Life insurance
Your church membership
4) What chapters of Brother Branham’s new Bible were sticking together when he tried to read the Scripture in his message, Birth Pains?
Luke 13 & 14
John 16 & 17
Mark 15 & 16
Matthew 22 & 23
5) When this happened and Brother Branham couldn’t find his Scripture reading in his new Bible, what did Bishop Stanley say when he walked up close to his side?
“Use my book, my son, it is more accurate than yours”
“Your Bible is outdated, and God does not honor its readings”
“God is trying to tell you not to preach on this sermon”
“Hold steady, brother, God is maybe going to do something”
6) In Luke the 4th chapter, when Jesus entered into the synagogue and the priest gave Him the Scroll, what Scripture did Jesus read?
Ezekiel 9:1
Isaiah 61
Exodus 11
Matthew 5:1-2
7) Why did Jesus stop reading the Scripture where He did?
He was interrupted by the priest
The rest of It applied to His first coming
The next would apply to His Second Coming
The Scroll pages were stuck together
8) Jesus came in the name of _____ sons.
9) How would God reveal Himself again at the ending of the church age?
As Son of God
As Son of the prophets
As Son of David
As Son of man
10) “The very Scriptures that was taking place at _____, that Jesus said would repeat itself again in this day, it’s made known right before us today.”