The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 61-0813 Faith will be available until Wednesday, August 31, 2016

1) Your resurrection lays inside of you, in your spirit.
2) When Jesus died on the cross, His _______ descended into hell and preached to the souls that were in prison. His _______ went into the grave. But, before He died, He committed His _______ into the hands of God.
Soul / Spirit / Body
Body / Soul / Spirit
Spirit / Body / Soul
Soul / Body / Spirit
3) Why couldn’t Christ come back until three days were fulfilled?
It was Pilot’s decree that his tomb remain untouched for 3 days
It was the spoken Word of God
It was a symbol of the Jewish religion
It was 3 days til the feast of the Jews
4) “The _______ that's in you this morning, that same _______ will raise you up. So, you have power to raise yourself back up.”
Holy Spirit
5) “Now, the soul is that part of you who knows and understands, your _______.”
6) “But, that power that you have in you now, could make a new world. God doesn't have little, weak spots; and big, heavy spots that's powerful. The least little touch of God is _______, see, the least little touch of God.”
7) After Paul and Silas were beaten and put in prison for casting a devil spirit out of a fortune-telling girl, what happened that shook the jail down?
God sent an earthquake
There was a great flood
Angels rolled great rocks from the hills
Nobody knows
8) Who was Brother Branham talking about when he said, “That don't mean that his salvation would save the house. But if he's got enough faith in God for his own salvation, he can have the same faith for his house. And his house will have to come in, see, the same thing.”
The Philippian jailer
9) After the days of Job’s tragedy, when God begin to restore to him again, God also gave Job his seven children. They were saved, in Glory, waiting for him to come. How?
They had repented of their sins
Job’s righteousness covered them
Sin wasn’t accounted during those days
That burnt offering stood for them
10) “You have one thing to do, to be _______, that's, have faith in God. For, by faith are you saved, by faith are you healed, by faith you get everything that you have.”
11) What controls water?
Centrifugal force
12) Brother Branham said we got tens of thousands times thousands of acres of ground out in Nevada, and California, and Arizona, and New Mexico, that's burning up for water, of land that would raise anything. You could feed the whole world, out there, if you only had this water. What water is he talking about?
The Mississippi River
The Ohio River
The Great Lakes
Lake Tahoe
13) Where does the Bible say this Scripture Brother Branham quotes? “If there be any among you, sick, let them call the elders of the church. Let them anoint them in oil, and pray over them. The prayer of faith shall save the sick, and God shall raise him up.”
Luke 7:3
James 5:14
Hebrews 11:2
Acts 14:23
14) “The evangelist doesn't have power to heal. It's the Holy Spirit that has power to heal, and you have the Holy Spirit. That's the little _______ that you are, and all the things that you have need of is in you. So, therefore, you just start _______ from God's promise, saying, “It's the truth. God said He'd heal me. ‘By His stripes I am healed.’” There you are. You know what you do? You start pushing out healing, that's all. See?”
Tree / Drinking
Root / Growing
Light / Shining
Voice / Speaking
15) Who did Brother Branham have come and stand around the altar during the prayer line?
All the little children
All the faithful fathers
All the ministers
Only those being prayed for
16) When the disciples tried to heal the boy with epilepsy, why did the devil stay right there?
Because the spirit of epilepsy was too strong for any man
Because the boy’s parents were idol worshippers
Because he couldn't find enough faith there to make him leave
Because they didn’t do it in the Name of Jesus
17) As soon as the Catholic girl became a Christian, then she wanted to stand for somebody, too, showing that the Spirit of Christ comes within us when we are really saved. Who was she standing for?
Her dad
Her mom
Her grandmother
Her husband
18) The Catholic Church was never considered the first Church.
19) What organization did Brother Branham say would be more formal than the Roman Catholic church is today if this world would stand five hundred years longer?
20) The very last words Brother Branham spoke in this message were, “To my precious, dear brothers and sisters, to all of you. As a servant of God, I never said this before, in the world, in this church, I never said. But as a prophet of the Lord, I say to you, “_______.”
I tell you the Truth. Believe now or perish
This is the Light. Walk ye in It
Now is your time. There will be another
This is the Sign. I am God’s messenger