The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 65-0418M It Is The Rising Of The Sun will be available until Friday, May 8, 2015

1) What was the first Light that ever struck the earth?
God’s spoken Word
The moon
2) What binds a message on the inside?
A promise
Quickening power
A lock
The seal
3) When the true Easter Seal was broken on this sunrise, what was revealed?
The secret of Life after death
That all man’s theories were correct
Which traditions were true and false
That no man can rise from the grave
4) Jesus said, “Because I live ye shall live also.” That was the _____ of the Seal.
5) What is the trinity of the devil?
Live, love, and die
Death, hell, and the grave
Resurrection, hope, and the life
Conqueror, priest, and king
6) What does the Greek word for quickened mean?
To speed something up
To be made young from old age
Something that’s made alive after death
Brought from this life to the after life
7) Sunday is a Roman word; they called it the sun day for _____.
The Son of God
The sun god
The brightness of the sun on this day
8) If the Spirit that raised up Jesus from the dead dwells in you, it will quicken your _____.
Mortal body
9) When God looked down upon the body of Christ, what did He see?
The Groom
The Bride
Both male and female
All of the above
10) What is like the abstract to a title deed?
When the Holy Spirit comes
When you get baptized in Jesus Name
When the Lord returns for His Bride
Being able to speak in tongues