The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 59-0412E What Hearest Thou, Elijah? will be available until Monday, November 15, 2010

1) Brother Branham never took an offering in his life.
2) Who told Brother Branham they were evangelists on their road down south, but instead started asking questions around town to see if the visions were real?
Brother Vayle and Brother Bosworth
Mr. Mercier and Mr. Goad
Mr. Wood and Mr. Borders
Brother Neville and Brother Jackson
3) What ought a minister to do before he walks out before an audience?
Lay in the Shekinah Glory in the Presence of God
Go out to social gatherings and great dinners with his congregation
Keep himself before the people so that he can serve God
Be anointed with oil by the elders of the church
4) _______ changes things.
5) Who wrote the song "Only Believe?"
Eddie Perronet
Stephen Foster
Fanny Crosby
Paul Radar
6) What was the challenge Elijah made to Israel?
"Let the god that is real show his face before us"
"Let the God that keeps His Word be God"
"Whosoever loses this fight shall serve the other's god"
"Let the God that can perform more miracles be God"
7) After God answered to Israel that He was still the God that could answer by fire, where did Elijah run to?
The juniper tree
His cave in the mountains
The river Jordan
The widow's house
8) Who said they would stop Elijah's campaign?
The prophets of Baal
9) Brother Branham said, "I got a little _____ that the _____ couldn't find me that I get into..."
Cabin, CIA
Spot, government
Cave, people
Cave, FBI
10) As the Angels watched Elijah sleep, what did God call for?
The Angel with the softest hands
The best cook among them
All of the above
11) What did the Angels feed Elijah?
Lamb meat and a loaf of bread
A corn cake and some water
Milk and honey
Fruits and vegetables
12) How long did Elijah go on the food the Angel brought him to eat?
A month
Seven days
Forty days and forty nights
Until the drought was over
13) Where was Elijah when God found him way back in the wilderness?
In a cave
By the bubbling brook
Praying atop the mountain
His home
14) What did Elijah answer to?
A rushing wind
An earthquake
A still small Voice
15) "That's the reason we can't have revivals in America, is because people go after _____ instead of the _____."
Givers, gifts
People, Spirit
Emotion, Spirit
Gifts, Giver
16) Great things are loud things.
17) It's that still small Voice of God that operates the power of God.
18) "It ain't noise that counts; it's the _______, the Spirit of God that makes the difference."
19) You see, the statue was made to get down and look _____ to, not stand off and look _____ at.
Up, over
In, Across
In, Up
Over, Up
20) At the end of this message, a woman was healed and raised from a wheelchair. She had been setting there for years bound with what?
A broken leg