63-0724 God Doesn't Call Man To Judgment Without First Warning Him

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Who was Brother Branham speaking of when he said to his wife, Meda, “I’d like to get them all in a row sometime and take their picture so I can show other churches the way our church is here. That where we speak these things, they—they obey. And we’re glad. It does something for us.”
The angelic glow on the faces of the people in the congregation
The long hair, and clean faces, and decently dressed women
The well mannered, and quiet, and sweet acting children
The fine dressed, scholarly looking gentlemen
When Brother Branham was just a young boy and praying in the weeds where to build a church to the Lord, he drove a little stake right where he knew the _______ would be.
Corner Stone
What very important thing did Brother Branham want to speak on in closing this little series of services?
The closing of time and blending in of Eternity
The Message and the place where It’s at now
The Church and its current condition
What’s to come of the little Tabernacle and its people
Fill in the blanks to the Scripture reading in Isaiah 38. “Then Hezekiah turned his face towards the wall, and prayed unto the Lord. And said, Remember me, O Lord, I beseech thee, how I have walked before thee in _______ and with a _______ heart, and have done that which is good in thy sight.”
Unity / Pure
Singleness / True
Lowliness / Contrite
Truth / Perfect
Brother Branham said, “And God never even brings _______ upon the earth without first giving the people a _______. God never does nothing without declaring it first what He’s going to do.”
Truth / Faith
Judgment / Warning
Sin / Sacrifice
Trials / Judge
Why did Brother Branham say you just can’t sit down and read the Bible like a newspaper, you have to depend on the Holy Spirit?
It’s written in riddles
It’s written for the wise and educated
It must be interpreted
A minister must read it
You don’t have to know God or His Nature before you can understand His Word.
Brother Branham’s humble ministry, “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever,” was calling that _______ group out of both Billy Graham’s and Oral Roberts groups. “It’s taking a Wheel out of the wheel.”
What is the reason God used the spirit of Elijah so much?
Because Elijah was the first of the major prophets
Because it was a kindred spirit
Because that spirit always carried out His orders
Because Elijah was a man after God’s own heart
Who is Brother Branham speaking of here? “God was taking that message over there in that certain prepared fish. And he took out for Nineveh just as hard as he could go, because he—he had the messenger aboard and he had to get him over there. He took the wrong ship, but God had provided a ship for him.
Brother Branham said, “I want you to watch this quotation. God gives a warning but He don’t always _______ the same time He warns. Did you notice that? And then when He doesn’t _______ when He sends a warning, then the prophet is mocked, “You didn’t have It. You told a lie. You—you wasn’t right.””
There’s only one thing can stop judgment. What is it?
Fast thinking
A large army
Quick repentance
A faithful church
How many different kinds of eagles did Brother Branham say there were?
Around 25
About 40
“A prophet foresees way off, see, the things that is coming. He sees the cup of God’s _______, full, before it is filled. See? He can say, “THUS SAITH THE LORD! God will destroy this city except you repent.” Why? He’s an eagle. He rides way in yonder.”
What was God’s commission to Hezekiah?
“Build the temple of the Lord”
“Deliver my people from bondage”
“Destroy all the idols in your kingdom”
“Put your house in order”
Why did the young mother that Brother Branham prayed for have to die?
She wouldn’t repent of her sins
She just didn’t have enough faith to accept her healing
God had to take her when she was ready to go
God didn’t want her to suffer any longer
Which of the following DOES NOT belong in this list of those who never repented, and the judgment swept right on in?
The people of Nineveh
The people in Noah’s times
Jesus said in Saint John 5:24, ‘He that heareth My Word.’ What does Brother Branham say that ‘hear’ means?
Hear means ‘to listen at a noise’
Hear means ‘to receive It’
Hear means ‘to study It’
Hear means ‘to proclaim It’
Brother Branham said, “Now we’re come into a _______ Church. Not many in members, but _______ in the Spirit. Amen. How wonderful!”
Super / Strong
Strong / Powerful
Faithful / Humble
Spiritual / Living
What song did Brother Branham sing right after telling the story of the Shunammite woman?
“One Of Them”
“Amazing Grace”
“Swing Low, Swing Chariot”
“We’re Marching To Zion”