The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 56-0421 What Visions Are will be available until Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1) The Bible said we shouldn't _____ to assemble ourselves together.
2) Who recognized the supreme authority that Jesus had over diseases?
The Pharisees
The Roman
Pontius Pilate
3) The doctor deals with the _______, the growth. Divine healing deals with the _______.
Substance, life
Life, substance
Spiritual, flesh
Curable, incurable
4) One prophecy, one Word in the Bible by a prophet, said, "I'll not suffer My holy One to see corruption." Who was the prophet that said this?
5) After seventy-two hours, if you've been prayed for with cancer, tumor, or anything, and you begin to get real sick and a high fever, that's one of the best signs in the world that _________.
You're healed
You don't have enough faith to be healed
You will never be well
You need to have the demon cast out of you
6) What did Elijah do for the Shunammite woman's dead child?
Gehazi took his staff and laid it on the dead child until it came to life
He prayed and the dead child came to life
He laid his body on the dead child and it come to life
He went into the wilderness and fasted for three days until the child came to life
7) Where does Brother Branham read from in the Bible for his message?
Saint John the 10th and 12th chapters
Saint Matthew the 12th and 5th chapters
Romans 8 and Hebrews 13
Acts chapters 10 and 2
8) You cannot mimic someone else's faith.
9) What is the example Brother Branham used to describe visions, so that the children could understand?
A game of hide and seek
A circus that comes to town
A trip to the zoo
A day at school
10) When God used His gift in Jesus to raise Lazarus, _____ was not lost.
11) Brother Branham spoke of a vision that he had the same morning that he preached this message. Which of the following did he say about the vision?
He said he had to drive over 100 miles that day
There's going to be a miracle take place that'll even have to change nature to do it. And a great healing's going to take place.
They had to stop by a Western Union for a message
All of the above
12) Brother Branham couldn't make himself see a vision.
13) Brother Branham said, "I can't be the servant of _____ and the servant of _____."
Man, God
God, man
Sick, healthy
Gentiles, Jews
14) Which of the following descriptions is not from Brother Branham’s vision of the little dead Finnish boy who was struck by a car?
Evergreen trees
Rocks lapped together
Rib stockings
Little blue eyes
15) Which soldiers were hugging the Finnish soldiers?
The Russians
The Germans
The Americans
The French
16) What did the little Finnish girl do when she came up to Brother Branham?
She gave Brother Branham a piece of candy
She fell at his feet and began to cry
She raised up his coat and kissed it
She gave him her prayer card
17) The mother of the boy that was in the hospital from being hit by a car came to Brother Branham seeking for him to raise up her boy. What did Brother Branham ask her?
"Is the boy still alive?"
"By the way, are you all Christians?"
"Would you like for me to see a vision for the boy?"
"Do you believe me to be God's prophet?"
18) When Brother Branham saw the two flowers in his hotel room when the Angel of the Lord visited him, the flower that was leaning toward the _____ represented the boy in the hospital.
19) What song does Brother Branham ask the pianist to play?
"I love Him"
"Mercy Re-wrote My Life"
"Abide With Me"
"Only Believe"
20) God’s not an Author of _____.
The Bible