58-0406s I Know My Redeemer Liveth

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Sunday, April 30, 2017

How could a man that did not have the Bible to read, yet know that there is a God?
By simply living a moral life
If he could just get into a church
When he could just watch nature
Through finding scientific evidence
What is Brother Branham talking about here? “I call them my little radios. And I get out and turn my radio on, of a morning, listen to it.”
The tiny sparrow
His tape recorder
The great eagle
His little robins
“That’s all it takes to make us different from the world, is just that little, red _______ of His grace.”
Where did Brother Branham find his subject to preach at this resurrection service?
Psalms the 51st chapter
Job the 19th chapter
Isaiah the 9th chapter
Mark the 16th chapter
Brother Branham said, “And I think that this is a wonderful time to think on the hopes that God has given us. Now we want to draw this, first, into our mind, that there is not one thing that can destroy us until the _______ of He Who created us has been fulfilled. There could be nothing. We are made for a _______.”
It matters how little or unimportant you are, because only the big and important people are here to serve a purpose.
“It is the purpose of God to see that it will prevail. Then, it’s not up to me, and it’s not up to you, whether it will be destroyed or not. It’s up to God. And we can rest assured on it, that God will never let our _______ be destroyed, for it’s His purpose to give it to us.”
Which Bible character did Brother Branham NOT use as an example of those who the devil could not destroy because God had a purpose for them?
The Hebrew Children
It’s been proven through the ages that persecution strengthens the Church.
What was special about the day Brother Branham preached this message?
It was 25 years since he started the Tabernacle
It was his daughter Sarah’s birthday
It was 25 years since the Lord gave him his commission
It was his birthday
“Every person that’s born of the Kingdom of God knows that spot, that minute, that hour that where God took him. And on those sacred sands, in the Presence of the _______, He did something to that believer, that all the mentality of the world could not destroy.”
Great sacrifice
Burning bush
Holy Word
Who is Brother Branham talking about in this quote? “It was _______ when he was rejected and exiled. It was _______, after he had sinned and committed that horrible crime. It was _______ when he was perplexed and his son had been taken, the joy of his heart. It was _______, the prophet and the king, who cried when he seen that he was getting old, and he must go back to the dust of the earth. It was _______ that said, “Moreover, my flesh shall rest in hope, because He’ll not suffer His holy One to see corruption, neither will He leave His soul in hell.””
“Oh, it’s at that hour, friend. It’s at that time. It’s in those crucial, crucifying hours that we see the _______. It’s in that time, that when God loves to display His grace. It’s in that time when God likes to comfort His children.”
End time
Why can’t light and dark dwell together?
Light is ten million times stronger than darkness
Darkness always overcomes the light
They are too much alike to dwell together
Light shatters into millions of pieces when darkness comes
Fill in the blanks to the song below: We’ll walk in this Light, this beautiful Light, That comes where the _______ of mercy are bright; _______ all around us, by day and by night, Jesus, the Light of the _______.
Fountains / Flow / Sun
Dewdrops / Shine / World
Glories / Shout / Resurrection
Showers / Rain / World
Where was it that God lifted up the curtain for Brother Branham and he saw Easter? He seen Jesus as his Saviour.
Up there in a muddy hollow, along the Ohio River
Right there on his front porch, on Ewing Lane
Down there on Ohio Avenue, in a coal shed
Up there at Green’s Mill, listening to the water churn
Brother Branham said, “And this great darkness is swinging over the earth now, is nothing but to declare that _______ is pressing Its way down.”
The antichrist
What did the Red Cross nurse come along and give to the boys who were wounded from the war?
A rose
A handkerchief
A Bible
A letter from home
“But have you ever come to that spot where He’s lifted up the curtain, that sacred place where an experience struck your heart; that you know _______ wasn’t some fairy tale; that you know Easter wasn’t a Santa Claus, some little fiction something; that you know it for yourself, that He lives; and because that He lives, you live also?”
Brother Branham said, “That’s the only way you can become heirs of promise, is through—is through the baptism of the Holy Spirit. You know that. That’s your birth. That’s your sacred _______.”
Dwelling place