The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 59-0613 Thirsting For Life will be available until Thursday, June 30, 2022

1) When Brother Branham was in India, he prayed for a blind beggar man. Why was he blind?
He was born blind
He had an accident
His eyes were burnt by fire
He was a worshipper of the sun
2) "Because thy _______ is better to me than _______, my lips shall praise thee."
Lovingkindness / Life
Forgiveness / Peace
Blessing / Riches
Peace / The stillness of the morning
3) What did the chaplain find that was hid under the rock all the time during the gas and the war?
A diamond
A pigeon
A little Easter lily
A letter from his family
4) In the story of the slaves that had been captured and taken away from their home, why was a certain young slave so much different from the other slaves?
He was the boss over the rest of the slaves
They fed him better, and he was stronger
He was more skilled than the others
He was the son of a king, and he conducted himself like one
5) "Because the _______ that’s in us is what guides us and directs us."
6) There´s more than one kind of life.
7) What’s the biggest stumbling block Christianity ever had?
The bootlegger on the corner
Sinners who do not want to accept Christ
The hypocrite that calls themselves a Christian
Women working in places where they don't belong
8) Which of the following did Brother Branham mention that people think is life, but it's death?
To be popular
To make plenty of money
To be selfish
To have education
9) Who said, "Blessed are they that do hunger and thirst for righteousness"?
10) He went into a city and had one convert, and came back the next year and had twenty out of that one.
Billy Graham
Tommy Osborn
Brother Bosworth
11) "In the garden of Eden, the devil chose a man’s _______. God took his _______."
Heart / Soul
Soul / Heart
Head / Heart
Mind / Spirit
12) You believe God by faith.
13) The reason men go and join churches and put their names on them, is because they’re trying to bypass _______.
Their trials
The new birth
Supernatural things
14) "They may act funny, but they’ve been _______. They may look like a mess, but they got _______. That’s the thing, as long as you got _______."
Christians / Churches / Revivals
Spiritual / A birth / Blessings
Refreshed / Testimonies / Revived
Born / Life / Life
15) Why can't a crow and a dove have fellowship?
They are different in color
The crow can fly faster than the dove
Their diet’s different
The dove goes higher than the crow
16) There’s nobody ever deliberately walked into sin without _______.
Having a good time
Ending up in poverty
God warning them first
All of the above
17) "Look for something that’s _______. See if that girl’s _______. If she isn’t _______, then have nothing to do with her, and you, the same thing, by a young man."
Real and genuine / Borned again / Saved
Pretty / Smart / Loving
Worthy / Good / Nice
Simple and humble / Honorable / Of a good family
18) "When your desires become more to see some television program than it does to _______ the Gospel, there’s something wrong in your soul."
19) If Satan can ever get close enough to you to once _______ you into there, the hounds of hell will _______ right on, and pick everything there is about you off, all your morals, and all, everything you’ve got.
Take / Be
Wrap / Jump
Deceive / Trap you
Invite / Deceive you
20) What is Life Everlasting?
To know His Book
To know His church
To know Him
To know His creed