50-0816 Looking To The Unseen

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Where did Brother Branham read from in the Scripture?
2nd Kings the 6th chapter
2nd Chronicles the 15th chapter
Psalms the 27th chapter
Matthew the 2nd chapter
When Elisha prayed to the Lord to open the eyes of his servant, what did the young man see?
Angels ahead of the Syrian army
Swords of fire that came and went all over the camp
Many of Israel's soldiers ready to defend the city
The mountains full of horses and chariots of fire about Elisha
God will always fight for His people.
"There’s nothing as great as _______."
Spiritual gifts
"I said, 'I do not know what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future.' So that’s the thing, if I can keep _______ with Him.”
Everything in the Christian armor is _______.
When the woman who was healed of cancer was awful upset on the third day, what did that mean?
That she lost her healing
She was doing something sinful
That was the most perfect sign of her healing
She was doubting her healing
"Now, we look at the unseen and believe that those things which are unseen, but spoke of by God, become _______."
A hope
A desire
"If you’ll be sincere when you pray, and get the people to believe _______, nothing shall stand before the prayer, not even to cancer."
The ministries
The Bible
"And we don’t have to take no one’s word but _______."
Our own word
God’s Word
The word of our church
The word of our pastors
Between what times did the visions usually come to Brother Branham?
Three and five
Two and four
Seven and nine
One and three
In the vision where Brother Branham heard what sounded like a little lamb crying, what did he hear the human’s voice say as he got closer?
"Come south"
"Go by the Wright´s"
"Help me"
What happened to the man that told Brother Branham they raise chickens, and didn't have time for religion down there?
All of his chickens were killed by lightning
Three weeks from then, they buried him
He was saved after the meeting was over
He became seriously ill, until Brother Branham prayed for him
How many people did Brother Branham have in his meeting in Milltown the first night?
A thousand
Two hundred
A countless crowd
"The Word is dead until ______."
It´s preached in a mighty way
You read It and think It´s the truth
It’s quickened by the Spirit
You're baptized and become a faithful member
How old was the girl that had been laying flat on her back for nine years and eight months?
Twelve years old
Almost thirty-five years old
About twenty years old
Thirty years old
How many pounds did Georgie Carter weigh when Brother Branham looked at her?
One hundred and ten
Nearly ninety
One hundred and twenty-five
What is the demon power?
What did Georgie Carter do after she was healed and ran back in the house?
She got ready to go to church and testify about her healing
She played Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross on the piano
She got on the phone to tell the neighbors and was praising God
She helped her mom cook her own meal
"If you’ve got your faith upon God’s Word, you’ll be healed ______."
Just here
This time