63-0623M Standing In The Gap

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Saturday, September 30, 2023

At the start of the tape, Brother Branham said there were two things that he missed. What were they?
The cool weather and scenery
His home and the valley
His friends here and the church
None of the Above
What makes a church is not the building, it’s the people who gather beneath it to worship God.
Why did Brother Branham say he had to come back about the fifteenth of August?
That’s when he would have vacation with his family
That’s when squirrel season comes in
He was having another meeting around that time
He was taking care of some business with the church
God will judge the world someday by the churches.
God had commanded Moses to lead the people to the promised land. Who was it that decided to interfere with that commission, saying, “You take it upon yourself to do too much. You, try to make yourself the only one in the bunch that—that’s got any say-so”?
Joshua and Caleb
Aaron and Miriam
Dathan and Korah
Gershom and Eleazar
“And at the sounding of the seventh angel’s Message, all the mysteries of God would be made known. Then come seven mysterious _______.”
There will be some in the last days that won’t have to taste death, but will be changed in a moment, a twinkling of an eye.
In what form did the seven Angels swoop down and pick up Brother Branham when he was north of Tucson?
A diamond
A pyramid
A square
A beam of light
Where was Brother Branham when the Sword of the Lord dropped in his hand while he was praying with his hands out to God?
Hurricane Mountain
Corral Peaks
Sabino Canyon
Sunset Mountain
When Brother Roy asked about a Cloud being on a mountain, on which tape did Brother Branham say he preached about it?
The Seventh Seal
Sirs, We Would See Jesus
Hear Ye Him
Come, Follow Me
While Brother Branham and Brother Billy were eating breakfast, what did the man in overalls, riding boots, and black hat do in the restaurant?
Kicked over a chair
Let out a great big healthy, wood sneeze
Came up and talked to Brother Branham
Knocked his pancakes on the floor
God told Brother Branham that he had been called to an office like the Old Testament prophets.
“Do the work of an _______. Make full proof of your ministry. The time will come when they’ll not endure sound doctrine.”
When Brother Branham looked westward from where he was and saw a mountain with white caps on it, what did the Lord tell him?
"Stop and wake up Billy"
"Go over there, I'm going to talk to you"
“Your name is wrote all over it”
"I'm going to do great things through your ministry"
How many peaks did this mountain have, that’s the same number of letters in Brother Branham’s name?
There were three outstanding peaks of the snowcapped mountain. What did they represent?
The first three messages Brother Branham preached
The first, second, and third pull
The first three years of Brother Branham’s ministry
Three outstanding healings of Brother Branham’s ministry
When Brother Billy said, “Daddy, look eastward!” what was on the east side of the road that was just like in Brother Branham’s dream?
A tall green forest
A great big lake
A burning dump
A white-capped mountain
In what tune was the song that Brother Branham wrote out and sang?
One Of Them
Only Believe
We’re Marching To Zion
Battle Hymn Of The Republic
“He promised _______, yes, but He promised ________. That’s the thing.”
A fight / To help
Sickness / Healing
A battle / Victory
A flowery bed of easy / A battle
What happened at the end of the tape?
A brother had a heart attack and was brought back to life
A sister gave a message in unknown tongues
The church had the Lord's Supper and feet washing
Brother Branham had a prayer line and discernment