The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 62-0218 Perseverance will be available until Monday, February 29, 2016

1) When Brother Branham asked the church to pray that his decisions would be the right place to go, how many cities were calling for him?
Over 500 cities across the US
Nearly 250 cities worldwide
Some 300 overseas cities
About 50 cities in Indiana alone
2) “But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the _______ of the house of Israel.”
Lost sheep
Sanctified few
Royal seed
3) Brother Branham said, “This soul…this spirit only can be of two kinds, one of them is the Spirit of God, the other is the spirit of the devil. You can’t serve two masters at the same time. You’re _______ given to one or _______ given to the other.”
Wholly / Wholly
Exclusively / Exclusively
Partially / Partially
Somewhat / Somewhat
4) What is it when you try to make a goal, and you’ve got your mind set on something, and you believe it’s the thing that you want, and you believe you can get it?
5) “When the believer, the creation here on earth that God has created, is _______ with God, then there comes a _______ and gives faith. And when a man sees that, he’s persistent, nobody’s going to shake him.”
Communing / Communion
Fellowshipping / Unity
United / Unity
United / Fellowship
6) “It depends on what your achievement is. Depends on what you’re trying to do, whether you’re persistent or not, how much _______ you got in what you’re doing.”
7) “God deals with individuals. Each man, each woman, boy or girl that will believe on Him. No matter what denomination they belong to, He’s hunting _______."
Thirsty spirits
Hungry hearts
Willing workmen
Devout soldiers
8) Who was Brother Branham talking about when he said, “And they went down there, and God honored that little speck of dingy faith. And not only delivered them, but delivered Israel.”?
Lepers of Samaria
Shamgar and the ox goad
David and his mighty men
Moses with his wife and child
9) Where is this Scripture found? “If ye abide in Me and My Words in you, then ask what you will and it’ll be done…”
Matthew 13
Saint John 15
Saint John 14
Luke 17
10) The devil always takes his man, but his spirit stays here for another.
11) What was the little boy doing when he said, “I don’t know, but it’s out there somewhere, I can feel it on the end of the line.”?
Hanging a telephone wire
Praying to God
Flying a kite
12) Do you want to achieve God’s purpose in your life? Then be perseverant when you get the _______. Hold onto It, the promise, it’s yours.
13) Who is Brother Branham talking about here? “He had everything made. Had a nice home, place, comfortable living out there, and hunt every once in a while with his crossbow, maybe, and kill a deer, and plenty of berries and plenty of sheep, and wool and trade, the caravans come through. Why, he had it made, nothing he had to worry about.”
14) Who did one good thing by counterfeiting all the money and starting the currency new again? Brother Branham met the man and shook his hand, but said he was a little devil-possessed fellow.
King George of England
15) Brother Branham talked about seeing a tree with nine different citrus fruits on it. It had pomegranate, grapefruit, lemon and all on it, but what kind of tree was it really?
An orange tree
An apple tree
A cherry tree
A pear tree
16) Samson was very perseverant as long as he could feel those seven locks around him. He knowed that was a promise that God give him. And every man and woman could be as persistent as Samson was, as long as you can feel that _______ around you, of God
Joy of love
Peace beyond understanding
Shower of blessings
Power of promise
17) You can always hide a saint from his prayer, that’s all there is to it.
18) Brother Branham said, “I’m a _______ hunter myself, aren’t you?"
19) I know that He’s God manifested in the flesh. I know that He lives today in His Church. I know that He’s here now. I know. I know that wasn’t my _______ He had taken, I know It was His. I know that’s the same Pillar of Fire with us today, because It’s doing the same works, the same signs, the same wonders, the same things that He did.
20) Why was Jesus trying to find what the Samaritan woman’s trouble was?
So she would give him a drink of water
So she could take a message to that people
He wanted to see her happily married
To prove that He was sent to the Samaritans also