The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 60-0729 What It Takes To Overcome All Unbelief: Our Faith will be available until Friday, March 31, 2017

1) How long had Brother Branham looked forward for the grand and glorious opportunity to come to the city of Yakima to minister to these dear people?
Nearly 15 years
Some 5 or 7 years
About 10 or 12 years
Around 3 or 4 years
2) When traveling around the world as a missionary, what did Brother Branham notice that seemed to dominate each nation?
The spirit of the United States
The government
The Spirit of Christ
The spirit of that nation
3) We reason with our mind, but the heart does not reason.
4) Brother Branham said, “I believe that every man in the world, was saved when Jesus died at Calvary. Every sick person in the world, was healed when Jesus died at Calvary. But now, it’s a finished work. Now, the thing to do is, can we get the people to _______."
Understand it and learn it
Question it and debate it
Study it and teach it
See it and accept it
5) What is the initial and original way to receive any redemptive blessing?
By understanding the Word of God
By hearing the Word of God
By studying the Word of God
By teaching the Word of God
6) The word “apostle” means “_______.” The word “missionary” means “_______.”
Shepherd / One sent
One sent / Teacher
One sent / One sent
Priest / To evangelize
7) “Many people think that the _______ doesn't need any help. You're mistaken. He's needs more help than all the congregation does, because he's standing between the enemy and the congregation”
Song leader
8) What state has the slogan, “Together we stand, and divided we’ll fall?”
9) “If the _______ of the Lord Jesus, which sets at the right hand of God tonight, if It should descend from heaven and come to the earth, we wouldn’t need any more healing services or preaching services. It’d all be over then.”
Spiritual being
Celestial body
Corporal body
10) What is a revival?
To bring in new members
To revive what you’ve already got in
To create new life
To destroy and bring back
11) What is a tumor, cancer, or any of those growths?
All of the above
12) What attracted Elijah, causing the prophet to veil his face and walk out?
The still, small Voice
An earthquake
The thunder
The rushing wind
13) Where does Brother Branham read in the Scripture for his text?
Saint John 14:12
II John 1:2
I John 5:4
Saint Luke 10:12
14) Who was Brother Branham building a platform for in this meeting?
Mr. Nixon
The Lord Jesus
Mr. Kennedy
15) “Now, I believe, just in my estimation of Him. He's the _______ fountain of Life, that you cannot exhaust His goodness. Some people think, “Oh, I hate to call on God so much.” That’s what He wants you to do.”
16) Fill in the blanks to the Psalm of Life Poem: “Lives of great men all remind us, we can make our lives _______, with partings leave behind us, footprints on the sands of _______.”
Inspire / Fire
Unfold / Souls
To shine / Time
Sublime / Time
17) In Noah’s time, there had never been _______ in the sky.
A bird
A cloud
All the above
18) “I can’t tell you, but God said it would happen, and it just takes place, that’s all I know. I can't explain how a _____ cow can eat _____ grass, and give _____ milk, but I drink it all the time, just the same. I don't know the mechanics of it, but the only thing I know it's milk and I drink it.”
Green / Black / White
White / Green / Black
Black / Green / White
Black / Brown / Pink
19) Which of the following does God give a man when He speaks to him?
All of the above
20) Brother Branham said, “For we read in_______, “I'm the Lord that heals all your diseases.” Therefore, Lord, we commit our case to You. You're our Physician, our great Physician.”
Psalm 103:3
John 14:14
Luke 7:17
Psalm 104:20