The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 65-0822E A Thinking Mans Filter will be available until Saturday, July 7, 2012

1) What did Joseph tell Billy after he showed him what good shots he made down at the shooting range with Brother Branham?
"Now keep off of my feet"
"Bet you can't beat that"
"I'm a better shot than you"
"What do you say about my shooting now"
2) Brother Branham was anxiously waiting for the hour to where they could all congregate in one place and preach on which of the following subjects?
The Trumpets
The Seven Vials
The Seven Plagues
All of the above
3) Where did Brother Branham read in the Bible for his message?
Numbers 19:9 and Ephesians 5:26
Exodus 29:14 and Genesis 12:2
I Samuel 4:5 and II Kings 20:6
Hebrews 7:11 and Psalm 101
4) When the ashes of the heifer were gathered up and laid without the camp in a clean place, it was a water of separation for the congregations of everybody in the land.
5) The reason Jesus had white hair all over at the age of thirty-three, was because it was Jesus after His glorified condition.
6) What did Brother Branham find on the ground as he was trying to get away from the men shooting in the woods?
An old beer bottle
A box of rifle cartridges
A newspaper
An empty cigarette package
7) As Brother Branham stooped back and looked at the pack again, it seemed like something said to him __________.
"Stay away from that filthy thing"
"Pick it up and preach to those men"
"But the slogan is all right"
"This is the spot where you shall camp"
8) Brother Branham said, "It came to me that that deceitfulness, also, in the natural realm there in the tobacco, is something on a order of the _______, see, a deceitfulness."
Whiskey companies
Political parties
Churches of today
Entertainment of today
9) The denominational filters just let so much of the world get in to satisfy the unbelievers that's in there.
10) "A religious world’s filter, and a _____ man’s taste."
11) Human beings must worship.
12) A woman that wants to have bobbed hair and wear shorts, paint and makeup, and yet they want to go to church, has an anointing upon the ______, not upon the ______.
Body, spirit
Soul, spirit
Spirit, soul
Soul, body
13) What does it mean for a woman to have long hair?
She has authority in the church
She is stylish
She's part of the Aaronic priesthood
She's a Nazarite unto the Lord
14) God never did forgive this.
When Abraham left the promised land and went down to Gerar
When the sons of God looked upon the daughters of man, that they were fair, and taken unto them wives
When Jacob deceived his brother Esau and stole the birthright
When David sent Uriah to the forefront of the battle to be killed so that he could take Uriah's wife
15) If a man's mind has been filtered through the Word of God, God's Filter, he won't look upon a woman. He won't think she's pretty; he'll think she's a Jezebel.
16) When a thinking man comes through God's Filter, it gives him a _____ man's taste.
17) When the heifer was killed by the whole congregation of Israel, they put seven stripes of her blood upon the door where the whole congregation had to enter. What was this a type of?
The seven steps of becoming a Christian
Seven sins against Israel were blotted out
The seven plagues of Egypt
The Seven Church Ages, by the Blood
18) All of the following people sold their birthrights for a satisfaction of the taste of the knowledge of civilization, except for _____.
19) When a thinking man draws through the Word, what is the only thing that can pass through?
Church creeds
Worldly desires
The Holy Ghost
Your best thoughts
20) Brother Branham said "And as Jesus cried, "Blind Pharisees," the Holy Spirit in my own heart tonight cries, "Blind ________!"
Branham Tabernacle
Pentecostal jezebels