The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 63-1201M An Absolute will be available until Saturday, December 7, 2013

1) What is the name of the song that Brother Ungren sang the morning of this Message?
How Great Thou Art
Down From His Glory
Only Believe
When The Saints Go Marching In
2) When speaking of a nervous, upset woman, Brother Branham said "you've got to change her _________, see. She can't change it herself."
Walk with the Lord
Way of thinking
3) What book of the Bible is this Scripture found in? "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain."
4) Which of the following describes the word "absolute?"
Perfect in itself
Primarily an ultimate
Unlimited in its power
All of the above
5) The Christian life should be a stabled life.
6) What was Paul’s absolute?
The Pharisee
The Sadducee
7) Where does Brother Branham reference in the Bible to show that all the prophets were man just like we are?
Hebrews 13:8
James 5
John 7
I Thessalonians 3
8) Around what time of day was it when Saul was stricken down by the Light that met him on the road to Damascus?
About noontime
Around midmorning
Late evening
Early morning
9) What shape was the Light of the old Hebrew sign of God?
A square
A pentagon
A triangle
A circle
10) Why did Paul, that staunched Hebrew, call the Light that met him "Lord?"
He was scared, so he was calling on the Lord to help him
He was just guessing that it was the Lord
He knew that that same Pillar of Fire had been the One that had led his people
All of the above
11) When is the fulness of the power of God in His Church?
When His Church sets together in Heavenly places
When the saints are raptured
When the Federation of Churches joins all churches together
When the tribulation period begins
12) No man has the right to preach the Gospel unless he has come face to face with It.
13) "And a born-again Christian is tied to _______, and the _______ is the anchor."
The church / creed
The Word / world
Christ / Bible
The denomination / doctrine
14) Which star can you set your compass by?
The evening star
The south star
The morning star
The north star
15) In the Old Testament, who was the man that talked to Job, who Brother Branham said he wanted to break his name down and show you it was Christ?
16) Being a prophet, who foresaw the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and he screamed out, "My Redeemer liveth!"
17) A _______ is something that's real but can't be explained. If it's according to the Word of God, it can be your absolute.
18) When the real Christian druggist had filled a prescription for a sick lady, and was placing it in her hands, what did he see?
He saw that she was badly hurt and near death
He saw that he was putting it in a nail-scarred hand
He saw a black shadow leave the woman
He saw the Pillar of Fire
19) Which of the following cut his coat in two and wrapped an old bum up to keep him from freezing to death?
Saint Martin
Saint Columba
20) What did Brother Branham have instead of an altar call at the end of the service?
A prayer line
A line of discernment
A consecration call
A testimony meeting