59-0612 All The Days Of Our Life

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Where had Brother Branham recently met the Holy Spirit?
His cave
His house on Ewing Lane
His den room in Arizona
At the foot of Spring Street
Brother Branham didn't take up an offering, so what did he live on?
He worked as a police officer
He caught fish and sold them
He received a salary from the Tabernacle
He drew a pension from the public service company
When this message was preached, Brother Branham believed that the very best part of his ministry had already passed.
The Philadelphian church was sponsoring a little farewell for __________, which was going overseas.
Brother Osborn
Brother Joseph
Brother Oral Roberts
Brother Branham
Where in the Bible did Brother Branham read for a text?
Saint Mark 12:13
Psalm 128
Saint Luke 1:73
I Samuel 12:12
God made man to take his own way and depend on no one else.
This animal is one that cannot find his own way, he must be led.
Adam made hisself some fig leaves together for an apron. It's still the same spirit, but they changed the name of "leaves" to "_____."
Shorts and pants
Satan is religious.
How many days will a man deny himself something during Lenten season?
This man said he was a slave to the Lord Jesus, a bondslave in service for the Lord Jesus, going about daily, crucifying the flesh to be a slave for Jesus Christ, rejoicing because he was a slave.
The Lord gave Brother Branham a vision and said that his ministry would change when this certain thing took place. What was the thing that would take place?
A boy would be raised from the dead in front of the entire audience of people
A woman would come to the platform with an uncurable baby wrapped in a little blanket, and the baby would be healed
Seven Angels would appear to him at Sunset Mountain, and a great revelation would be shown him
City workers would come to his house and tell him they were going to widen the street in front of his house
Who helped a lady get to Brother Branham so he could pray for her baby that the doctors had given up?
Sister Branham
Brother Branham's brother, Doc
Brother Banks Wood
God never said that He would supply your _____; He'd supply your _____.
Needs, wants
Desires, wants
Wants, desires
Wants, needs
What was Brother Branham's post office box number?
Box 523
Box 325
Box 235
Box 535
What is the sickest body on earth?
The body of Satan
The body of the sinner
The Body of Jesus Christ
The body of the Protestant Church
Sometimes sickness is permitted by God to bring discipline to His people.
Which of the following is found in Saint John 4?
Jesus heals the ten lepers
Jesus casts seven devils out of Mary Magdalene
Jesus heals Peter's wife's mother of a fever
Jesus speaks to the woman at the well
God was throwing out His gifts of mercy and blessings to the people in this service, like _____ did to _____.
Eliezer, Rebekah
Boaz, Ruth
Moses, Israel
Abraham, Sarah
What was Mattie Jones’ heart’s desire that God revealed to Brother Branham in the prayer line?
To have a baby
It was for her friend in the hospital with a stroke
It was to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost
It was for her dad who was dying of cancer