The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 63-0714E Humble Thyself will be available until Wednesday, August 29, 2012

1) What was it that Brother Branham wouldn’t ask any person to do without already doing himself and knowing that it's the Truth?
Make a step into a denomination
Believe a new doctrine
Make a step in God
Go to Israel to introduce the Message to the Jews
2) What kind of service did Brother Branham want to have on the Sunday following this service?
A healing service
A testimony meeting
A teaching service
A ministers meeting
3) Many times before going into a home, Brother Branham would pray and just go in with the _______, and wouldn’t even pray for the people, and walk out and they were healed.
Prayer cloth
4) Brother Branham was told in a vision, "One time you will meet a lady that will come to you, wearing a brown suit, and she'll be packing a little baby in a blanket, and from that time on, you'll have strength to endure stronger." Where was this vision fulfilled?
5) Satan has got every gun in hell trained on it.
Brother Branham's house
The Branham Tabernacle
The world
6) Brother Branham said, "The Lord Jesus will be coming one of these days. And, you know, I think it'll be so sudden and so--so sweet, and so there'll be one hundred per-... one hundredth of __________ percent of the whole world will never know when that Rapture takes place."
7) God forbid that any of us would ever be here during the time of _______.
The Millennium
The Tribulation
The Rapture
8) As the old colored brother said, "Sir, I got my ticket in my hand. It's already punched. When I come down to the _____ that morning, I don't want no trouble."
Train station
Bus stop
9) Who was the pastor up at Utica?
Dr. Lee Vayle
Brother Fred Sothmann
Brother Snelling
Brother Borders
10) Who did Brother Branham want to go on a world tour with him? and they said, "I’m too old to go."
His brother, Doc
Brother F.F. Bosworth
Brother Neville
His wife
11) Now, any man that's allotted any time on earth, would certainly be a most _____ thing if he don't spend that time in service of God.
12) If the Lord said, "I'm going to allot you twenty-five years on earth where you're not going to get feeble. Would you take from birth to twenty-five, from twenty-five to fifty, fifty to seventy-five, or seventy-five to a hundred?" What was Brother Branham's answer to this question?
0 to 25
25 to 50
50 to 75
75 to 100
13) Why did Brother Branham pick those ages?
He would be closer to going to Heaven
He would have a greater reputation among the people
He would be smarter, wiser and more settled
He would be younger and stronger
14) How old did Brother Branham say he was?
15) Who comes to the platform to preach after Brother Branham turns the service back to Brother Neville?
Brother Boze
Brother Allen
Brother Collins
Doctor Lee Vayle
16) If you want power, see how _____ you can get.
17) Who was it that had to pull out of a church when the people got to a place that they wanted to polish up like the rest of them, and wanted to throw it into an organization?
Dr. Lee Vayle
Brother Allen
Brother Branham
Brother Boze
18) What did Brother Branham say this church was established upon?
Faith in God
Godly, brotherly love for one another
Fellowship of kindred mind
None of above
19) What does the book of James tell us we must do before we even come for healing?
Confess our faults one to another
Repent and be baptized
Receive the Holy Ghost
Have love one for another
20) With their heads bowed, what did Brother Branham and the people start humming at the end of service that brought the Spirit of God to them?
God Be With You Till We Meet Again
Only Believe
Blest Be The Tie That Binds
Amazing Grace