60-0712 Hear Ye Him

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Tuesday, January 31, 2023

"And now, we know He’s a good God, but we don’t want to depend too much on that. Remember, He’s a God of _______ too."
"Compassionate is to _______."
Do the will of God
Feel sorry for others
Have a burden to do right
Give to the poor
God’s eternal; He has no inches, no miles, no yesterday, nor tomorrow.
"God’s wrote it in _______ and _______, so that He could hide it from the eyes of the wise and prudent and _______ it to babes such as would learn."
Books / Teachings / Give
Heaven / Earth / Display
The sky / Nature / Show
Riddles / Parables / Reveal
What is salvation based upon?
Your own merits
Living a clean and holy life
What you have been taught
A revelation of Jesus Christ
"And then, if you’re sick, _______. If you’re sinful, _______. If you need something, _______. He has all that you have need of in this journey."
Pray to Him
Hear ye Him
Accept Him
Cry for Him
When the King of England came to British Columbia and the children waved their little British flags, why was little Martha weeping?
She couldn't see the king because she was so small
She could not wave her flag
She was so little that the king didn’t see her
She couldn't get through the crowd
You cannot do the smallest thing without King Jesus knowing all about it.
Which example did Brother Branham give after he said, "When God gets ready to do things great, the first thing God usually does is make it known in the heavens above first."
When Joshua fought the battle and the sun stood still
When dark clouds appeared in the sky in Noah's time
When Elijah brought down fire from heaven
When a star began to sweep across the skies at the birth of the Lord Jesus
"The man or woman today that tries to live for God has a struggle to keep on going. You have to _______ into the Kingdom of God."
In the Old Testament, when a son was born into a home, yet he had no inheritance until he was _______ into the family.
"Don’t never look _______; look ________."
Forward / Backward
Backward / Forward
To the present / To the past
To the future / To the present
God would not ask you to do nothing unless He did it Himself.
"You stay right on the Word. And that Word is _______. And every time you receive the Word, you receive _______. Take It into your heart and believe It as your own possession."
A blessing
"Every promise is yours. God gave you a _______, when you received the Holy Ghost with Jesus’ Name wrote at the bottom of it, for whatsoever you desire."
Prayer book
All of the above
Moses represented the law. What did Elijah represent?
God's wisdom
God´s mercy
God's peace
God’s justice
Where does judgment begin?
At the White Throne
In ourselves
In the world
At the house of God
Who said, "Lord, give me the backbone the size of a saw log. Put plenty of knowledge in the gable end of my soul, and help me to fight the devil as long as I got a tooth, and then gum him ’till I die"?
F.F. Bosworth
Paul Rader
Buddy Robinson
Junior Jackson
How did the old beaters of gold know when all of the dross was beat out of the gold?
When it became soft
When they could see their own reflection in it
When it became a certain color
When it shined really bright
"He that heareth My Word and believeth on Him that sent Me has Eternal Life, and shall not come into the judgment but is passed from death to Life."
Saint John 5:24
Saint John 14:12
Saint John 3:16
Saint John 1:1