The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 59-0610 As I Thought On My Way will be available until Thursday, June 30, 2016

1) What made Brother Branham say this to the people at the start of the service? “I appreciate that, makes me feel good when you feel welcome. There’s nothing more sweeter than to—to come into a place where you feel welcome and just at home.”
They invited him to come back for three more days of services
They applauded him when he began to speak
A brother read a letter from the audience thanking him for coming to Chicago
They presented him with a basket of gifts
2) Brother Branham was scheduled to be overseas at the time during this Chicago meeting. Why was he unable to attend?
His little boy, Joseph, was very sick
He was denied a visa by the government
He did not pass the doctor's examination to travel overseas
Because of a tax investigation he was going through at his church
3) It’s more essential that healing take place, than all the souls that could be saved.
4) What group of people was Brother Branham speaking to when he said his little boy, Joseph, was an "Indian by action"?
5) What verse of Scripture did Brother Branham take his text from?
Matthew 20:14
Matthew 18:7
Psalm 72:3
Psalm 119:59
6) It’s usually when a man gets in _______ that then he will turn to God.
Good health
Good fellowship
7) If God was so merciful to forgive a man of his sins, and to give him Eternal Life, he ought to do what?
Be so reverent before God all the days of his life
Never turn his feet from God's testimonies
Always walk upright before God
All of the above
8) “It behooves us all, while we are not in trouble, to seek God. It isn’t good to wait till we get in trouble and then seek God; it’s best to find Him now. For it is written that He is a _______ in the time of trouble.”
Very present help
Long way from help
Way making God
Calmer of the storms
9) Who was Brother Branham talking to on a hunting trip when he said, “You bake some potatoes over the fire and we’ll have bake roasted potatoes, and salt and pepper, and put it on the little stick of butter.” I said, “We’ll just have a real jubilee.”?
His son, Billy Paul
Brother Joseph Boze
Brother Woods
His wife
10) After Brother Branham knelt down and prayed, "Lord God, I'm lost and I need you", he made two or three steps and a hand laid on his shoulder. He turned to see what it was just in time to see what?
A clear path back to his camp
The tower on top of Hurricane Mountain
His wife and son walking through the woods
The bear he was tracking from the beginning of his hunt
11) "You know I think if mothers and fathers tonight in this fair land of ours, if they spent more time on their knees praying, bringing their children to God through prayer, instead of out in these parties drinking and running around, we’d have less _______."
Disobedient children
Lazy parents
Juvenile delinquency
Need for churches
12) “That’s the way to turn. God heard him. God will always hear a man or woman that’ll turn their feet to _______.”
Walk straight
A good church
His Testimony
Be a better citizen
13) Which prophet done wrong and had lied to his blind daddy, because of a birthright?
14) "How can we hold our peace when the church is tore to pieces by creeds and denominations, and brotherhood is separated, and the people are becoming worldly, when God requires _______, or no man shall see the Lord?"
15) The same God that wrote that Word still lives and holds you _______ to It.
16) "We cannot alter God’s _______; we have to alter our _______ to His _______. Let the mind of Christ be in you. Then you’ll think like He thinks."
Thinking / Ability / Mind
Word / Thinking / Thinking
Thinking / Thinking / Word
Mind / Mind / Word
17) When you think on your past, it’ll either drive you to God or drive you away from God.
18) Brother Branham said, “Look back in the Bible times. Those who came to Him when they thought on their ways like Peter, he found mercy. Those who took the _______ is in eternity, out in yonder somewhere without God, without hope, without Christ. Take the road to Him; it’s open.”
Hard road
Easy road
Short route
Long route
19) In Brother Branham’s ending prayer he said, “Lord, what can we do? We either think on our ways now and make it right, or maybe before morning it’ll be too late. But while we’re normal, while we’re sitting here with the introductory song playing, “_______,” may we think on our ways and turn to Thy testimonies.
He Careth for You
There's Room At The Fountain
There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood
I Need Thee, Oh I Need Thee
20) If you _______ your sin, you shall not prosper; but if you _______ your sins, you’ll have mercy.
Admit / Deny
Believe / Disbelieve
Confess / Hide
Hide / Confess