63-0116 The Evening Messenger

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Brother Branham believed in evolution from a single cell.
Where does Brother Branham turn in the Bible to draw a little context of his text?
Nehemiah 1-7-9
Zechariah 14:6-7
Ezekiel 10:7
Zephaniah 12:1-9
What did the Angel of the Lord draw on the wall during the preaching of the Seven Church Ages?
The supernatural cloud picture
The church ages
The Pillar of Fire
A picture of Brother Branham
What does God always use to call the age back?
Anyone who is willing to preach the Word
A called out body of believers
A prophet
A church movement
God never did have two __________ on the earth at one time.
Minor prophets
Church groups
Major beliefs
Major prophets
Who was God’s witness for the antediluvian end time?
What is the number of persecution?
How many destructions does Brother Branham speak of?
When does God send His message?
At the beginning of each age
Just at the end of the age
Right in the middle of the age
It's different for every age
It’s always been a fight for the messenger to separate the _______ from the _______.
Old, new
New, old
Right, wrong
Sheep, goats
What will happen before the two prophets of Revelation 11 come down and prophesy to the Jews?
A great flood
The Jews have to accept the Message
The Church will be taken away
World War 3
Jezebel would never admit that that _______ was her pastor, but he sure was.
John the Baptist
What does watch and pray mean?
Keep one eye open when you pray, and look with the other one
Pray for a while then stop and watch for a while
Watch for the coming of the Lord, and pray up
Have someone watch you while you pray
When Brother Branham was going on about women wearing these shorts, what did he say to a woman that said, "I--I wear slacks."?
"Okay, that’s not as bad"
"That’s worse"
"You’re getting closer to the Kingdom"
"I’m sorry sister, your fine to wear those"
"Oh, it's been always, each time, a group of _______ that gets the people all mixed up."
What does human intelligence try to do to the Word of God?
Stay right with It
Inject their ideas
Change It all together
Pray and ask the Lord to reveal It
Who said to the Pharisees, "You blind leaders of the blind. You compass seas to make one proselyte, and he's twofold child more of hell than he was when he started."
John the Baptist
What was the difference between Billy Graham’s converts and Paul’s?
Billy Graham had better converts, but Paul had more converts
Paul's were more educated
Billy Graham’s stuck with the Word, and Paul’s fell away from the Word
Paul took his on to the baptism of the Holy Ghost, Billy Graham had his raise up his hand to make a decision
A messenger of the last day, trying to find the Bride for Christ, will not look for a denominational membership. He will look for __________.
Character that's willing
Worldly riches
People that are educated
Only the strong willed people
What happens when the Message is rejected and the messenger seems to be defeated?
God just replaces the messenger with another one
The messenger gets a new message
Nothing. God just watches everything fall apart
That's when God steps on the scene, his Message is over