The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 60-1002 The Kinsman Redeemer will be available until Wednesday, March 31, 2021

1) “_______claims that we will not believe, and _______says we will believe. Now the battle is on, and the decision is ours to make. Whichever way our decision is made, that’s the way it will be.”
The world / The church
The unbeliever / The believer
The people / The pastor
Satan / God
2) What did Brother Branham do just before reading the Scripture?
Sang a song
Said a little slogan
Had a baby dedication
3) How many years apart were the Books of the Bible written, and how many men wrote them?
Five hundred years / Thirty-seven
Almost four thousand years / Forty
Around six thousand years / Sixty
Seven hundred years / Seventy
4) "The whole Bible is a _______."
Book of history
Strange story
Forgotten Book
Love story
5) Which Book of the Bible was Brother Branham talking about when he said, "There’s a hidden revelation in It. And in this hidden revelation, you catch the real meaning. It’ll bring you real close to God"?
6) Hatred had a beginning, so it has to have an end. Love had no beginning, so it has no end.
7) The four phases of Ruth are: Ruth, making her _______, then Ruth is _______; then Ruth is________; then Ruth is ________.
Stand / Resting / Rewarded / Deciding
Rest / Deciding / Serving / Rewarded
Decision / Rewarded / Serving / Resting
Decision / Serving / Resting / Rewarded
8) Brother Branham says that God wants clean-cut decisions out of His Church. Who does he use as examples for this?
Orpha and Naomi
Ruth and Rebekah
Ruth and Hannah
Naomi and Mary
9) "But the soul that conducts us, our _______, is from Above. We live from Above because we’re born from Above. All Christians come from Above."
10) According to the law of redemption, before a man could redeem a lost property, he had to be _______.
An elder in the church
The eldest in the house
A man of great stature
The nearest kinsman
11) First Timothy 3:16 said: "…without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: for God was manifested in the______..."
Holy Ghost
12) "The sinner, that’s been saved by grace, has more _______ in Heaven than the Archangel that stood by His side, without sin, ’cause he’s a son. Son has more _______ than a servant, of course."
13) On what day of the creation was man created?
The fifth
The third
The first
The sixth
14) What does the word "redeem" mean in the Greek?
“Bring back to the original place”
“Take a slave from the market”
“Pay the price”
“Buy what someone else lost”
15) Why was the veil in the temple rent from top to the bottom, not from the bottom to the top?
Because it was prophesied to be this way in the Old Testament
It showed it was God, Himself, tore it open from Above
It showed the change from the Old Testament law to grace
Showed it was judgment falling from Heaven, not from earth
16) "But, remember, just look down towards the _______, and then look up towards the _______, you’ll find a Bloody footprint that follows all the way up there. He’ll lead the way."
Sands / Mountains
Cross / Promise
Ground / Sky
Valley / Stars
17) What would be your answer to this solemn question Brother Branham asked: "Now, these Messages that I am preaching, do you believe them to be the Truth?"
18) "The __________ is a little bitty thing, here in—in the city, but it makes up from the world."
Branham Tabernacle
19) How old was Jesus when He met the woman from Samaria at the well?
He was thirty years old
He was about thirty-three years old
He was around thirty-two years old
He was thirty-one years old
20) The woman at the well told Jesus "I perceive that You’re a _______. I know when the Messiah cometh, He’ll tell us these things."
Educated Man