The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 59-0810 The Reaction To An Action will be available until Thursday, November 30, 2017

1) What did Brother Branham say they call this kind of a campground meeting down in Kentucky?
Sky-blue meeting
Cottage meeting
Mountain meeting
Protractive meeting
2) God will never hear your prayer as long as you hide iniquity in your heart.
3) After praying in his little cave for forgiveness, Brother Branham asked the Lord if He’d just pass by once more to let him know that He had forgiven him. What happened after that?
A little whirlwind came by him
The Angel of the Lord spoke to him
A rainbow appeared in the sky above
A dove flew by his side
4) Brother Branham said, “Just like we have today of our age of juvenile problems, and divorce problems, and all the crime that’s done in our nation, it’s a reflection of our _______.”
False religion
Lack of love
Moral decay
Hearts desires
5) Brother Branham told us that anything between you and God is a(an) _______.
6) “And today, we’ve took down the old fashioned _______ of holiness and righteousness, and put up the _______ of denomination. We belong to certain-certain great order. We call ourselves Christians, because we belong to a certain order.”
Badge / Current concept
Banners / Modern trend
Signs / New dogma
Markings / Latest theology
7) “The first little temptation that comes along, you _______. He’s trying to see your reaction on your action. He’s trying to test you. “Every son that cometh to God must first be chastened, tested.” Every child that comes to Him, He puts him through a test to see how he will act.”
Fly off like a buzz saw
Entertain it and fail right then
Follow with the trend of the world
Get all frustrated and give up
8) When they laugh at you when you receive the Holy Ghost, and you go back in the world with them, that shows you really got It.
9) “Faith doesn’t move. No matter how _______ it looks, faith stays right there. It never moves.”
10) When speaking of the widow women, Brother Branham said, “I’ve met everything that God told me to do; and the barrel’s down to one little handful of meal, and the cruse has just a spoonful or two of oil, enough to mix it.” But God was setting, and Angels on every _______, watching to see how she was going to react.”
11) When at the school of prophets, who sent some men out from the school, and they didn’t know the difference between wild gourds and peas?
12) “If you’ve got the Word and the Spirit, and _______, and laid it on the cross, something’s got to happen.”
Mix it with your own beliefs
Commit yourself to much studying
Sacrifice your own belief
Forsake all those who are dear to you
13) What best describes what the widow woman saw at the gate when she heard a voice and turned to look?
A humble looking gray haired elderly man with a stick in his hand
A well-mannered distinguished looking priest holding a book
A distressed sounding poorly dressed beggar desiring a morsel of bread
A kind looking old bald-headed gentleman with long flowing whiskers
14) “Then she heard the sweetest thing she’d ever heard, that _______ that all of us listen for. For there come across that gate a blast from that prophet’s voice; said, “For THUS SAITH THE LORD…”
Polished voice
All sufficient word
Splendid decree
Mighty proclamation
15) Brother Branham said when speaking of trials, “…it may look awful dark, but if we’ll just keep coming closer to God to find out His purpose, it’s the _______, ready to rejoice for a victory that God wants to give.”
Holy Seraphim’s
Angels of God
Bride of Christ
Clouds of Heaven
16) “That might have been put upon you. You might have done that evil. You may feel condemned in your heart, you Christians now, on what I said a while ago, because something, iniquity lays in your heart. Maybe it happened for _______.”
Others to see God’s amazing grace
You to recognize your condition and repent
A purpose to get you closer to God
A test to see if you really loved the Lord
17) What did Brother Branham say to do if you’ve met every requirement, you’ve repented of your sins, you’ve been baptized, and you’ve done everything that you know to do, and it still looks like God don’t answer?
You might as well give up; God won’t hear your prayer
Keep asking forgiveness until He does answer
Have the elders of the church lay hands on you and pray
Just keep holding there; God’s on the throne
18) What did Brother Branham say might stop the whole meeting and might keep a woman in the wheelchair from being healed?
Something in your heart that would hide you from the blessings of God
Being saddened because your name didn’t get called in the prayer line
Crying on the platform when you should be rejoicing and thanking God
Disrupting the service by praising God out loud when you are healed
19) “As His servant, I’m going to tell you, THUS SAITH THE LORD, he that will _______ his sins shall have mercy; he that _______ his sin, _______ his sin shall not prosper. He that will ask for mercy will obtain mercy.”
Acknowledge / Displays / Confess
Deny / Confesses / Unfolds
Confess / Hides / Covers
Hides / Covers / Denies
20) Brother Branham told the people, “Don’t you come from _______ till the Holy Ghost has baptized you, then there’ll be a revival break out here. Don’t… Really mean business. We come to be in business now. We’re going to do this. God promised it, and the devil ain’t going to rob us from it.”
The altar
Your knees
Your seat
This church