63-0114 A Trumpet Gives An Uncertain Sound

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Monday, May 31, 2021

"After we have been saved and become the children of God, the only thing we want is just _______."
To be fully consecrated
To sing and shout
A little closer walk each day
To have fellowship with believers
What thrilled Brother Branham since the very first time he read of it? As a little boy he thought, “If I could ever get to that spot."
Phoenix, Arizona
Denver, Colorado
British Colombia
Houston, Texas
Who did Brother Branham NOT mention that suffered persecution by the federal government?
Which tape was Brother Branham referring to when he said, "Many you people that take the tapes, be sure to get that one"?
The Serpent's Seed
What Time Is It, Sir?
The Godhead Explained
The Third Exodus
"Way into the jungles and everywhere, they have little something they ________, they got, and can tape it into the tape, and stand there and translate that right into the language. And it goes around the world."
Put in the ears
Put in their mouths
Place over their hearts
Put over their heads
The prophet is only known when his prophecy comes to pass.
What did Brother Branham say that he could take and preach twenty-five years on it?
An eagle
A three-leaf clover
A blade of grass
The Book of Revelation
Anything that’s uncertain cannot be trusted. But you must stay with it either way, even if it’s not certain.
"There is one thing that’s certain. Oh, I’m so glad of that, that there’s one thing that you can put your confidence in, and be sure that it’s right. Oh, when everything else is gone, This will be standing."
His Word
Only thing you have to do is take your stand upon God’s Word, and God will make the way for the rest of it.
He wrote His laws upon the bedpost, and tied them to his hands and everywhere, put His Word always before him.
“And Paul was talking about training a man to a _______. And just as that _______ is, he knows exactly what to do, because the bugler has got orders, and from the chief captain.”
"It’ll sound the trumpet in every race and every generation, and they’ll hear _______. They’ll believe It, those that’s _______. Amen. They’ll believe It because they know It’s the Gospel trumpet sounding."
His voice / Ordained to Life
The preaching / Listening
The Gospel / Interested
Angels singing / Predestinated
The old colored sister said, "I hain’t what I _______ to be. I hain’t what I _______ to be. But, there’s one thing I know, I hain’t what I _______ to be."
Used / Ought / Want
Ought / Want / Used
Want / Used / Ought
Want / Ought / Used
Who did the Holy Ghost speak to one day, and said, "You’re not going to die until you see the Lord’s salvation"?
He that covers his sin shall not prosper. But he that will confess his sin shall have mercy.
"And word by word, step by step, you’ll _______ everything that God promised you. "For all things are possible," to him that will ride on it. Ride on His promise, for it’s certain to bring you to _______. It’ll bring you to the Presence of God."
Inherit / His house
Believe / True knowledge
Learn / Great places
Possess / The camp
Brother Branham said he liked to see men that’s gallant, that’s interested in _______.
Good business
Becoming missionaries
Preaching the Word
"While Peter spake these words, the Holy Ghost fell upon them." Why?
They followed all the commandments
They were all under expectation
They had great faith
All of the above
How did Brother Branham end this Message?
Praying for the sick and afflicted
With communion and feet washing
With prayer and a baptismal service
Praying they receive the Holy Ghost