The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 63-0120E Just One More Time, Lord will be available until Saturday, July 31, 2021

1) Brother Branham said, "That’s all we need to do, is just get into _______, and then other things will take care for themself."
His good grace
A church program
His program
A good Bible doctrine
2) "The devil that put you in the pawn shop, Jesus came and redeemed you and opened up the doors, and the only thing you have to do is _______."
Serve out your time and then leave
Walk out and claim your liberty
Claim it and wait to be released
Stay right in there and help others
3) "A great strong arm, holding _______, can cut every promise free. That’s right. So be strong in the Lord!"
The people
His testimony
This Bible
4) There were nearly one thousand man and women upon the roof, that beheld while Samson made sport.
5) When the enemy knows you’re _______, he turns every devil he can loose on you.
A Christian
A Nazarite with God's blessings
At your post of duty
6) How thick did Brother Branham say was the helmet over the Philistines head, and what was it made of?
Almost an inch thick with brass
One half inch thick with iron
One and half inch with bronze
Two inches thick with gold
7) When a man is in the line of duty for God, there’s no nothing can stand in his way.
8) What did Samson fall for? It's the very thing that the church today is falling for.
9) "'Where your _______ is, there your heart is also.' Our _______ ought to be in the Word!"
10) God raised you as an example that He might place His _______ in you, to show forth His _______.
Trust / Power
Power / Glory
Word / Power
Glory / Word
11) "He’ll withhold no _______ from them that walk up before Him rightly."
Good thing
12) God can never get a better idea.
13) He’ll take you if you’ll just _________ to Him, surrender yourself.
14) "If you want to look pretty, get a little of _______, a little _______, mix it all together, little _______, and—and all this, and mix it up together, that’ll be cosmetic enough for you."
John 1:1 / Genesis 3:16 / John 4:7
Matthew 5:8 / 1 Timothy 2:3 / Revelation 21.22
Acts 18:8 / John 3:16 / Proverbs 4:7
Acts 2:38 / James 5:14 / John 3:16
15) Brother Branham said that Samson prayed right. What did he pray?
"Lord, let me die with the enemy"
"Lord, open the blinded eyes of these Philistines"
“Lord, I want to surrender my life to you”
"Lord, let my enemy die, but let me live"
16) "Eliezer _______ till he found character in Rebekah. Then he had to get her dressed up, ready, let her stand still and listen at his _______."
Prayed / Petition
Sweated it out / Message
Waited / Desire
Fasted / Speech
17) Jesus said, "Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and _______, it abides alone."
Be born again
Take root
18) Where did the little scholar come from who told Brother Branham that his Words and his Message run perfect with the Greek interpretation of the Bible?
19) A _______ will always kick up a fuss, but a _______ stands still and forfeits its rights.
Goat / Sheep
Mule / Horse
Crow / Dove
Pig / Cow
20) What is the Message of the hour?
"Get out from Babylon or perish"
"Repent and be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ"
"To repent and turn back again to the Faith of the fathers"
"To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne"