The Foundation Quiz


The quiz for 60-0722 Watchman, What Of The Night? will be available until Tuesday, July 31, 2018

1) They’re the crop of tomorrow, if there is a tomorrow.
Hybrid food
Young children
New converts
2) “As Moses was given _______ signs, you’ll be given _______.”
Four - Two
Two - Three
Five - Seven
Two - Two
3) Brother Branham was told, “Get them to believe _______, then be sincere when you pray. Then nothing shall stand before the prayer.”
Divine Healing
4) Brother Branham called our attention to which of the following Scriptures to draw a little context?
Isaiah 21:11
Psalms 119:10
Ezekiel 2:8
Habakkuk 2:2
5) It’s very popular to tell the truth amongst people who want to live for this present day.
6) God takes His man, but never the Spirit; it comes on down living on someone else.
7) "And it would be good if we would listen to the _______ of the One in the tower, the _______, that’s warning us, "Flee the wrath that is to come. Make ready, because the hour is approaching.""
Warning / Man
Advice / Protection
Voice / Holy Spirit
Sound / Alarm
8) What story was Brother Branham telling us about before he said: "Oh, that voice of the Holy Spirit that warns the church day after day as we see the approaching of the Lord. Let’s not still that voice by ignoring it and turning it away"?
The old salt of the sea
The poor cousin who married the rich son
The magic flower left in the mountain
The prospector in Arizona who found gold
9) When was Brother Branham baptizing the converts of his first revival at the river’s bank at the foot of Spring Street?
August 15th, 1930
April 6th, 1909
June the 16th, 1933
May 17th, 1947
10) “It’s a sign you’ve got to meet God.”
Every time you see a gray hair
Every time you hear an ambulance go down the street
Every time you pass a graveyard
All of above
11) A man had to have many qualifications before he could be a correct watchman. Which of the following is NOT a qualification Brother Branham mentions?
He must have a good, clear understanding
He must be a popular man
He must have good eyes
He must be alert
12) Jesus talked more about His second coming than He did His going away.
13) “Oh, listen to the Holy Spirit from the tower of glory tonight, _______ by the radiant power of the resurrection to every believer’s heart. Be ready, for the hour is at hand.”
14) Brother Branham talks about an old southern proverb his mother used to have. What was it?
You can't get blood from a turnip, cause there's no blood there
Give a cow enough rope, it'll hang itself
You can lead a mule to water, but you can’t make him drink
Birds of a feather flock together
15) What was the animal God never created; it was a mistake of man?
16) “And just before the break of day, the sun begins to shine against that ______, and it reflects the true light of the true sun that’s just about ready to shine.”
Morning star
17) No matter how we live, if we still disbelieve all the Gospel, we’re sinners because we’re unbelievers.
18) Brother Branham said, “I’d rather be ______ than anything I know.”
A preacher
An upstanding citizen
A church member
An old-time Christian
19) Who was the writer that wrote the song, “Pass me not, O gentle Saviour"?
Paul Rader
Stephen Foster
Fanny Crosby
Charles Wesley
20) Brother Branham said, “The _______ that the Lord has given, is to vindicate that I’m telling you the truth.”