59-1227M A Super Sign

The Foundation Quiz


Due: Sunday, November 11, 2012

Who did Brother Branham say had an armful, "not a handful, but an armful," when he was speaking about Sunday school.
Sister Collins
Sister Arnold
Sister Branham
Sister Kidd
“So now, there's a coming new year. And we don't believe in turning new pages; we just believe in _______ the old.”
Tearing out
_____ came up from Florida to give the people a visit.
The rainy weather
Brother Bosworth
The sunshine
The Full Gospel Business Men
Where did Brother Branham say a great deal of the coming year would perhaps be spent?
In Jeffersonville Indiana
With Brother Joseph Boze in Chicago
In the foreign fields
Praying to God in the mountains of Arizona
Who built the Siegfried Line?
Adolf Hitler
Benito Mussolini
Joseph Stalin
President Roosevelt
What portion of the Scripture did Brother Branham read for his text?
Luke 2:7
Matthew 2:1
Isaiah 7:10
Isaiah 40:31
“Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and call his name _______.”
Prince Of Peace
How many head of horses and chariots could race around the great walls of Babylon?
What does the word "Immanuel" mean?
God with us
First and the Last
What was Jesus to the starchy and ungodly?
A thorn in their flesh
An Eternal Sign
A stumbling block
A fortune-teller
"Man try to deal with ____ affairs; God deals with ____ affair."
Small, big
Big, small
Worldly, heavenly
Heavenly, worldly
King Ahaz was a godly king.
Which poet wrote the song, “It shall be Light in the evening time," when the Spirit struck him one day?
William Booth-Clibborn
William Cowper
Paul Rader
Doctor Haywood
What Scripture speaks of being rebaptized and receiving the Holy Ghost?
I Timothy 3
St. John 3
Romans 9
Acts 19
What was Brother Branham’s favorite hymn?
"Only Believe"
"Down From His Glory"
"Battle Hymn of the Republic"
"Amazing Grace"
Who wrote his favorite hymn?
William Booth-Clibborn
Doctor Haywood
Paul Rader
George Wright
How long did Brother Branham say he had been praying and studying on the super Sign?
For three weeks
For two days
Since last time he spoke in Jeffersonville weeks before
Since last Sunday
What did Brother Branham and Brother Neville think was in the boxes they received?
After Brother Branham and his wife did this themselves, they noticed things so different around home.
Made a new dedication
Got rid of all the things they no longer needed.
Went to the mountains to pray to the Lord
Renewed their marriage vows
Who was Ahaz having a conversation with in the Scripture reading?
An Angel